Author of Sex, Drugs, Enlightenment: Noble Secrets from an Orthodox Buddhist ex-Monk


If you've read this far, you're stating to get the drift. See the bio below.

Born late in the Baby Boom to white-collar, WASP parents, Alex Walking was orphaned in his youth. As a teenager, he enjoyed thorough immersion in the imported cannabis trade. Cashing out at twenty-two, he spent six years spread over the next seven living in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, and Thailand. He took to practising meditation in caves and jungle, well off the beaten paths.

Alex spent six out of seven years in his twenties in Asia benefitting from special attention in two extremely important inner sanctums of Theravadin Buddhism. He took to living in caves and jungle practicing meditation. He became a fully ordained monk of the orthodox Theravadin forest tradition in northern Thailand. There and in Sri Lanka, he had two forms of mental training thrust upon me by adepts in them which blew his world not apart but right open.

Alex’s teacher of Samadhi meditation was the most incredible Mrs. Helen Wilder in Sri Lanka. Helen taught English and Philosophy at Cornell University for many years. Newly widowed, she had just become the personal secretary (her term) of the Mahathera Nyanaponika, an old German Buddhist monk. He was the world’s most respected living Western-born Theravadin scholar and Pali translator, the language of the Buddha.

Helen was a master of Samadhi. She could travel through the frequencies with ease. She’d bounce Alex into different states that were always incredibly charged electrically and more vivid than his normal waking state of awareness. Helen could slice, dice, and julienne the explanations every way imaginable for him to understand what was happening. The subjects ranged from Buddhist cosmology to the principles of magic.

Alex’s teacher of Vipassana meditation was Bhikkhu Anavilo, formerly George Bickell and known to all as ‘Phra George’. His royally bestowed title translated as “the teacher for foreigners under the auspices of the teacher of meditation for all of Thailand.” Alex landed on his doorstep in Bangkok unaware it was the meditation section of Wat Mahadhatu or even what the place was. At that time, it was the temple which was to Thai Buddhism what the Vatican is to Catholic government.

The experience of Nibbana was thrown into Alex’s system by Phra George, an accredited master in the world’s oldest lineage of Buddhist monks through the path of Vipassana. Understanding Nibbana at four progressively deeper levels confers enlightenment from barely to fully. He taught Alex how to repeat the experience which is essential for becoming fully enlightened. Alex was objectively tested for it over and over by the lineage’s secret methods to make sure there was no mistake. He emerged, apparently, irrevocably a different sort of human being.

For fifteen months Alex was a fully ordained Theravadin Buddhist monk of the forest tradition in northern Thailand.

That rare yet classical education qualifies him to speak about the Buddhist path.

The entheogens Alex is most familiar with are cannabis, LSD, and MDMA. He’s taken LSD at least three hundred times. MDMA, he’s taken at least four hundred times. 99% of his experiences with MDMA centred on ritualised tantric sex, as have many of his LSD trips.

Alex continues to honour a pact not to disclose the identity of his late teacher of Red Tantra. Those that knew her at even the most superficial level considered her to be a role model for women. Fully ejaculatory while making love, she had the amazing ability to morph spectacularly into the archetypal sexual goddess. The Tibetans call Her 'The Diamond Yogini'. Physically regenerated, she would retain in her features some of the shift afterwards.

This brilliant lady considered such access to be every woman’s birthright which they’ve been denied through the subjugation of their sexual energy. Gorgeous, she looked nothing like she did in pictures of her youth. As a mature woman, after a prolonged period of debilitating sickness, she awakened her sexual energy. Her lips naturally filled out to supermodel proportions. Even her receded gums regenerated which is considered a medical impossibility.

She was adroit in her navigation of the realms and her ability to articulate the experience. That made her the indispensable Initiatress into the secrets of sexual connection.