Allowah is an independent researcher, writer, musician, and yoga teacher, currently based in Naples, Florida, where he runs the Sunshine State Yoga Academy. He is currently working on a book tentatively titled "Yoga and Psychedelics, " and hopes to post excerpts from some of the chapters for the benefit of the on-line community. He can be contacted at

Collective Awakening primarily, and conscious co-creating as its natural expression.

I've been exploring consciousness for a long time, & to cut to the chase…In my early teens (early 80s) I took to running and philosophy, reading voraciously/neurotically, disdaining most other human company. It was a hellish period due to a rather traumatic family situation, but somehow I made it through those teen years, which culminated in what in retrospect might have been a kundalini awakening at 19 that left me in bliss for months. That was my initiation into actual experience of the deeper dimensions of existence/consciousness (as opposed to Western Philosophy, which is wonderful mental training, but tends toward being merely that). From then on, I had to: 1) Find out what that was all about; 2) Figure out how to get back to that feeling of heightened, blissful awareness. I ultimately did find it in Yoga 7 years later, though I also found a piece of it in other things I experimented with, such as Orthodox Judaism (lived in Israel for a couple of years after college), and songwriting. Yoga had such a powerful, transformative effect on my life that I ultimately became a teacher, and head/heart Sunshine State Yoga Academy in Naples, Florida . At the end of this month (January, 2009), the first year of Yoga Teacher Training students will receive their certificates.

But that's not my story, really, and even if I tried to "be expansive" as is being suggested here, no amount of that could fully even begin to express what a human life is all about — you know that, we all know that. And that's not even the most essential thing anyway, because everything passes, everything changes — everything except pure awareness — awareness of awareness — and perhaps even beyond that, I have no idea.


I feel more and more, and perhaps you do, too, that we're in a time now where it really feels about time to let go of our little stories, our little private dramas and dreams — even the drive to become enlightened — and to walk the path of the Boddhisattva, realizing that we will never be fully at peace anyway so long as everyone and everything is not fully at peace — we can't separate ourselves from the whole, and try to save ourselves, because it won't work. Is this true? I don't know, but it feels right to me.


Anyway, one way I feel that I can help is through teaching Yoga, but not Yoga as it's currently being taught and practiced in the West — or, not only as Hatha, physical training — but also as mental conditioning and de-conditioning, as well as expanding the practice of Yoga to include any and everything which brings one into Yoga, or Union/Harmony/integration/At-one-ment/etc. So, for instance, for some Yoga might include ingesting a plant medicine such as Peyote or Ayahuasca, with the pure intention that it will help to refine awareness, and perhaps to bring some insights and "novel ideas, " as Terrence McKenna was suggesting. Obviously that was Daniel's "Yoga, " if you will, and for the past couple of years it has been mine, though I came to psychedelics/entheogens from the other direction.


That's my segue into letting you know that one way I feel that I might add to the current shift that's happening right now, is through talking more about these plant medicines (mainly, but also LSD, E, etc.) and how they might be of some use to some of us who are seeking to greater depth of experience and awareness. So I've begun writing a book, tentatively titled "Yoga & Psychedelics, " and I've already written a few chapters, a few of which I hope to share with the on-line community, at least in modified form. I plan to be finished the book by this summer, but you never know…


Anyway, I welcome any suggestions, feedback, leads, etc. you might have, or just to connect with all you beautiful beings.

In Loving Awareness, Allowah