The new Nokia X3 Red is recently launched in Nokia's collection. This new phone is best for those users who want to express themselves through their music passion and taste. The main feature of this phone is its red color, which is very appealing and grabs the attention of others. It is very cool and trendy sliding phone that is becoming very popular day by day among the users of new generation. The weight of this new phone is only 103 grams and the casing comes in 96*49.3*14*1 mm in the dimensions. The slided portion carries an alpha numeric keypad where all the different keys have definite space between them. The keys are made up of metal alloy that generally gives a touch of smoothness and softness when a person touches them. One can type a message in a very easy and comfortable way. The Nokia X3 Red has a camera of 3.2 mega pixel with 4* digital Zoom function, complete focus, photo editor, different capture mode like those used in still, video and self timer photography, Different color tone like Sepia, False colors, Salaries and many other features as well. The images taken from this camera have very high resolution and they can be stored in the memory of the handset for future use. One of the best features of this Nokia X3 Red phone is its high quality music player system that supports MP3, MP$, eAAC+ WMA and many other new features that distinguish it from other phones in the line. It has different keys to control the volume. The inbuilt stereo speaker application develops the music feel little more for the user. Other than this it also has an FM radio with new RDS feature as well. The video player is again one of the best functions of Nokia X3 Red as this allows the user to view the video in landscape mode.