Use Colour to Give Yourself an Edge If you have that special occasion planned and you want to every bit of psychological support to give you an edge then use colour to your advantage. The right colour will help you feel good and give you an edge in two ways. firstly you are wearing it so you will have the advantage of the colour being absorbed by the aura and through your eyes. Secondly other people will also see it but the effect you work for you and against them. You can calculate what colours are right for you on certain days by using numerology so it in in keeping with your rhythms as follows. For a birth month and day of the 2nd of June to calculate your personal colours for 25th December 2007 proceed as follows and reduce any 2 digit final numbers to a single number by adding them together. If your personal day numbers are either 11 or 22 do not reduce them. Write them as 11/2 or 22/4 they are master numbers indicating that you will operate on a higher vibration that day. Calculate the Universal Year First calculate the Universal Year by adding the numbers of the year i.e. 2007 2+0+0+7 = 9 is the number of the Universal Year Calculate Your Personal Year Calculate your personal year by adding your birth month and birth day to the current universal year (9) i.e. 2nd June 2 (Day) + 6 (month) 2 + 6 + 9 = 17 Reduce to a single figure by adding together 1 + 7 = 8 Personal Year Calculate Personal Month To find your personal month add the calendar month (12) to your personal year (8) i.e. For December add 12 + 8 = 20 Add together to make a single figure 2 + 0 = 2 your Personal Month. Personal Day Lastly find your personal day add your personal month (2) to the calendar day i.e. For December 25 Add 2 + 25 = 27 Add together to make a single figure = 9 Personal day. Colour for the Day Now look down the list for the colour to wear for a number 9 day. #1 Day = Red #2 Day = Orange #3 Day = Yellow #4 Day = Green #5 Day = Blue #6 Day = Indigo #7 Day = Purple / Violet #8 Day = Beige / Brown / Pink #9 Day = All Pastels #11/2 Day = Black, White or Pearl Grey #22/4 Day = Coral or Russet The Colour for a 9 Day Is any Pastel Colour which are the auric colours associated with youth and vitality. (c) Trevor Mayes 2007