Rather Be in the Mancave announces launch of pay per visitor affiliate program.. Affiliates earn money for each visitor they send to Rather Be in the Mancave's stories and galleries. Most of the content is in the men's entertainment niche focusing on sports, humor, men's health & fitness, as well as featuring (safe for work) galleries of models. The new program is a great alternative for Facebook page owners who formerly relied on MyLikes to earn revenue and provide content for their audiences. Some of these admins had their pages unpublished by Facebook as a result of the MyLikes content they were sharing being flagged as a Spam. In an effort to reduce Spamming complaints, MyLikes has changed their affiliate agreements and now only verified page owners access to their branded content. This has left smaller page owners struggling to provide content and generate revenue. Rather Be in the Mancave's affiliate program is open to publishers and page owners of all sizes. The program produces only high quality, relevant articles without an overabundance of advertising. This will help protect affiliates social accounts from being flagged for spam. best affiliate programs 2017