Easiest Time To Get PregnantTips To Get Pregnant Fast And Naturally: Easiest Time To Get PregnantAccording to experts, 85 percent of all couples can be on the family way within a year of attempting. But if it takes you longer than that, there may be some underlying issues. So if you can't wait to conceive a baby soon enough, read on. The following are some tried-and-tested ideas on how to get pregnant right away.Needless to say, you need to scrap any birth control method you're using. If you're on the pills, you can start trying to have a baby the moment you quit taking them. You might have heard of the idea that a woman should wait for some period of time before trying to conceive. But according to specialists, this idea can be thrown out of the window.What do I really need to do to get pregnant? Is it possible to reverse and eliminate infertility?To learn the killer, advanced strategies to naturally get pregnant at almost any age within 8 weeks, simply Click HereOvulation kits or calendars may be purchased to help you point out the times when your ability to conceive is at its peak. They let you know the best times to have sex. Likewise, refreshing your sex education facts can help out a lot. Know the telltale signs that you're ovulating, like the cervical mucus' consistency or the body's basal temperature.Having sex all the time doesn't necessarily increase your chances of getting pregnant. The truth is it can even decrease the likelihood of such. That's because when a man ejaculates frequently, the sperm count can be depleted. It's best to keep having sex at 2-3 times per week. Doing so will allow the sperm supply of the man to get stocked up.Women who are underweight or overweight may have a hard time getting on the family way than women who weigh normally. Hormonal imbalance is one of the reasons as to why. So if, for example, you are overweight, try getting rid of those unwanted pounds through proper dieting and regular exercise.I Got Pregnant At Age 43 – Reverse And Eliminate Infertility Safe & Natural With Fast ResultsIt's also essential that you embrace a healthy lifestyle. Steer clear of bad habits – cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking, illegal drugs use. Other than decreasing your chances of conceiving, these things can also cause a lot of pregnancy issues. Some of them include miscarriages, low birth weights, premature deliveries and birth defects.After having sex, try to remain lying in bed for 15-30 minutes. Such will enable the sperm to get to the cervix by preventing semen from seeping out of your vagina. Avoid going to the toilet or standing up right after sex. Placing a pillow under your buttocks while lying down can also lend some level of assistance.Stress can definitely affect your life negatively, and your sex life isn't spared from it. It diminishes your libido as well as upsets your ovulation, in severe cases. That's why it's important to incorporate effective ways to de-stress when attempting to conceive. Some of them include doing yoga, having a massage, taking up a hobby, etc.Pay Close Attention Here-Now listen carefully! Take 2 minutes to read the next page and you'll discover 1 unusual tip to reverse infertility and get pregnant naturally in 60 days – guaranteed! There is a set of easy to follow proven methods which will effectively reverse infertility, powerful methods you can use immediately, and dramatically to increase your chances of falling pregnant. I strongly urge you to read everything on the next page before it's too late and time runs out- Click HereA lot of couples make the mistake of thinking that just because they are very active sexually that it guarantees their will be a pregnancy. Whilst being sexually active will increase your chances of conceiving knowing are you fertile and when you are will enhance your probabilities. So, when exactly is a woman most fertile?It's surprising how many women do not know how to calculate the times when they are ovulating; these are the days when she is at her most fertile. By not knowing their most fertile days this crucial window in time is often missed and that months chance of getting pregnant is a lost opportunity.Although as with most things in life there are no guarantees even if you make love during your most fertile time that you will conceive, making love outside of this time frame does guarantee that you won't get pregnant.To stand the best possible chance of conceiving a child, it is very important that you know when are you fertile. To do this you will need to chart your monthly menstrual cycle and try to make sure you and your partner are together during this time. In this way the sperm has more chances of making its way to a fertile egg in the uterus that was produced during your ovulation.To calculate their ovulation period most women will use the day counting method. For most women the menstrual cycle would be every 28 days. This will occur during the period of time that you have your menses up until the start of your new cycle.Ex Infertility Sufferer Reveals Secret System For Getting Pregnant FastIt is around the 12th and 14th days after the start of your menstrual period that your body will ovulate and produce an egg and on rare occasions there may be more than one. Now obviously it is virtually impossible to become pregnant during your menstrual period, this is why you will need to work very hard to achieve conception during the time you are ovulating.Should your menstrual cycle be longer than the normal 28 days, to be able to calculate your best ovulation times you will need to subtract 14 days from the date of your next menstrual cycle. By using the day counting method you can usually estimate quite accurately are you fertile and are at the premium time in which to conceive.There are many other methods which you can try to find out when are you fertile and most likely to become pregnant. This would include; checking the cervical mucus, purchasing an ovulation predictor kit and by using a basal body temperature thermometer.Whether you are just starting out trying to become pregnant or you have been trying for a while this quite simple method of day counting should greatly increase your chances of conceiving.I know exactly how you feel as it happened to me. I was told by 3 different fertility specialists that I was in early menopause, had no eggs left and that my only chance of having a baby was to use a donor egg or adopt. Against the odds, I fell pregnant naturally with a healthy baby boy at the age of 40.You can fall pregnant too! Don’t give up – you are not alone! Click Here to learn the exact steps I took to get pregnant. Learn the step by step pregnancy success system jam-packed with a valuable information on how to naturally and permanently eliminate all infertility issues from the ROOT and give birth to healthy children – Click HereI often write articles for couples who are trying to control whether they conceive a girl or boy baby. One of the most important variables in this process is vaginal pH. So, people often ask me exactly how to take or determine their levels. In the following article, I will describe how this works and will tell you how to best get your reading.How To Determine Your Vaginal pH Reading: Step By Step: You'll really only need one piece of equipment for this process. You'll need PH strips that you can get at health food stores, nutrition shops, or online. Next, you will need to get a sample of either your vaginal discharge, saliva, or urine. How you do this really depends on what you feel is most comfortable for and works best for you. Some women will use a clean Q tip to transfer the discharge, urine, or saliva to the PH testing strip. Others will carefully extract the fluids directly onto the strip.Once you've gotten the fluid onto the strip, wait for a couple of minutes to look at the results. Most strips will come with a color chart. The strip will change colors and this is how you get your result. Simply compare the color on your strip and match it up with the closest color on the chart to get your corresponding reading.Also, please note that it can help to read the instructions carefully. Some brands of the strips are specifically made for different types of bodily fluids. For example, some are only meant to test urine or saliva and some can also work with vaginal discharge. And, you might notice that your level varies depending on what you eat or what time of the day it is. This is normal. You can either use one regular and constant time period to test or you can take the average. But generally, you can easily see a pattern or trend.Discover How To Reverse Infertility Even If You're in Your Late 40'sHow Your pH Reading Influences Whether You Conceive A Boy Or A Girl: The reason that your pH reading is important is that an acidic reading makes you more likely to get a baby girl. And, a reading that is more alkaline means that, at least in terms of this one variable, you are more likely to conceive a boy baby. The reason for this is that an environment that is too acidic is hostile to the boy producing or Y sperm while an alkaline environment is more gentle to them, (and they often need this to ensure that as many of them as possible can race for the egg.)So, if you are trying for a daughter, you are hoping for an acidic reading. And, if you are trying for a son, you are hoping for an alkaline reading. But, don't get discouraged if your color isn't what you were hoping for. With a decent plan, further testing, and some patience, you can often change your PH and get it to where you need it to be before you attempt to conceive.Why pH Is Often Not The Only Thing That You Need To Worry About In Terms Of Your Baby's Gender: As I've alluded to, PH is is only one variable that matters. Controlling or changing your PH can certainly help you to chose your baby's gender. But, there will likely be some Y or boy producing sperm that will survive an acidic environment and some X or girl producing sperm will most certainly make it in an alkaline environment.So, you will usually also want to use both specific timing and different sexual positions to reach your goals as well. Intercourse that happens before ovulation favors conceiving girls. And sex after ovulation makes you more likely to conceive a boy. Also, the sexual intercourse positions that you use can play a roll also.STOP GETTING RIPPED OFF! LEARN THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT PREGNANCY, DRUGS AND SURGERIES… To get the FACTS on exactly how to get pregnant 100% naturally and give birth to healthy children without spending your hard-earned money on drugs and over the counters – Click HereDon't even THINK about buying any pregnancy or infertility product, drugs or going on a gimmick pregnancy program until you read this revealing, no-holds barred holistic getting pregnant book… Click here to read the book. People often ask me when is the best or optimal time to have intercourse to give you the best chance of becoming pregnant. There is basically around a five day window within a woman's fertility cycle that provides the highest chance of success. The man or father-to-be's sperm is available at any time during the month. But, the woman or mother-to-be is only fertile (and only has an egg available) during certain days out of the month.The man's sperm remains viable for anywhere up to 3 – 5 days. The woman's egg is strong, healthy, and viable for a much shorter period of time. It's said that the egg can hang around and be fertilized for only around 12 – 24 hours. Still, considering all of this information, this still gives you around a five day window in which to successfully become pregnant. Of course, for the best chances of quick success, you need to be able to chose your most optimal and productive days. And, this lies with successfully determining when you have actually ovulated.Knowing For Certain When Your Ovulation Day Is: Many times, I will hear from women who tell me things like "I know that I am having intercourse during ovulation and I have been doing this for several months. But, I haven't been able to become pregnant. What am I doing wrong?"The most obvious (and easiest to gauge) answer is the woman could well be calculating her ovulation day incorrectly or just plain wrong. Many women admit to me that they will just count 14 days after the start of their last period and hope that this is when they have ovulated. This is not always entirely accurate. In fact, it can often be off by days and not hours. Or, people will try to evaluate their cervical mucus, their temperature, or the position of their cervix. These methods have their flaws also. The results can be misinterpreted or can be negatively affected due to all sorts of variables.I Got Pregnant At Age 43 – Reverse And Eliminate Infertility Safe & Natural With Fast ResultsIn my experience and observation, you are usually much better off using an ovulation predictor kit. And, for many reasons, I really like the saliva variety. Many people tell me that once they use these, they learn that they are actually ovulating much sooner (or later) than they had originally thought.Now, once you've able to gauge when you've ovulating, you can then pinpoint your ideal time frame for conceiving. If you use one of the very good saliva ovulation predictors, you will often be able to predict your egg's release (and your highest fertility day) a good 2 – 3 days before this actually happens. Since the sperm can live for a couple of days, then you're usually fine having intercourse a day or two before your ovulation day (although this makes it more likely for you to conceive a girl, but more on that below.) You can also try to conceive a day or two after this most fertile day, but this would make it more likely for you to conceive a boy.When You Have Intercourse (When Trying To Conceive) Affects Whether You Become Pregnant With A Boy Or Girl Baby: So the time frame that we've just identified gives you the best chance to become pregnant. However, your actual conception day can be one of the things that helps to determine if you end up with a girl or a boy baby. Conceiving before ovulation ups the odds for a female baby. And conceiving after ovulation makes a male baby more likely.Timing isn't the only variable that goes into your baby's gender. You'll also want to make some potential tweaks or changes to the intercourse positions that you use and the acidity and PH of your reproductive tract (which you are often able to change.)Amazing all-natural pregnancy breakthrough permanently eliminates infertility issues without drugs or surgery. Stop wasting money on pills, potions, and other worthless quick fix cures… Learn the truth about getting pregnant once and for all and finally be the proud mother you deserve: Click HereDiscover How To Get Pregnant Naturally…Even If Everything Else You Tried had Failed…Without Drugs, Without Surgery, and Without Nasty Side Effects – Click Here!Now you can reverse infertility and finally get pregnant completely naturally even if you're over 40 in under 60 days! 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