Section Editor for Evolver EDM. Keyframe-Entertainment is creating global positive change by INSPIRING, INFORMING and ENTERTAINING through film, electronic music, visionary art, community building, networking, and Transformational Festival culture.


Electronic Music, Transformational Films, Visionary Art, making this world a better place through supporting, promoting, and financing cutting edge projects.

Section Editor for Evolver EDM on Reality Sandwich, Keyframe-Entertainment is a Transformational Media Network that bridges Underground Electronic Music and mainstream culture. Keyframe fosters growth for Visionary Art and DJ culture by supporting, promoting, and financing cutting edge projects. Its mission is to share the Bay Area sound globally, showcase a selection of San Francisco’s top music producers, and create prosperity for Electronic Dance Culture.

The company's music label, Keyframe Music, is dedicated to unearthing emerging psychedelic-influenced music. Keyframe is currently working with DJs/Producers The Wisdom of Shankara, PsycloScope, MetaTek, and Wiggzaro.
As an artist manager and A&R, Keyframe has been responsible for bringing artists to Perfecto, Drizzly Records, Joof Recordings, Rapid Response, GigaBeat, and Pangea Recordings, to name a few.

Keyframe is the Executive Producer of the film "Electronic Awakening" (Directed and Produced by Andrew Johner) and is coordinating an extensive international screening campaign. Thus far, the film has screened at Harvard University, Yale University, Finland University, throughout Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, and Japan, and at Transformational Festivals including Symbiosis, Lucidity, Lightning in a Bottle, MEME, Photosynthesis, Atlas Festival, Earthdance, Burning Man, Boom Festival (Portugal), Rainbow Serpent (Australia), Eclipse 2012 (Australia), Cosmogenesis (South Africa), Synthesis 2012 in Mexico and many other events hosted by the EVOLVER network.

Julian Reyes serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Electronic Music Alliance (EMA), an organization that cultivates and celebrates social responsibility, environmental stewardship, community building and volunteerism within Electronic Music Culture. See website at
Keyframe-Entertainment is also the Associate Producer and Screening Director of the web series/feature film "The Bloom: a Journey through Transformational Festivals." This 4-part Documentary Video Series follows a journey to 12 premier festivals in 2012 in order to explain this remarkable phenomenon. The goal is to promote cohesion among those in the culture while building a bridge of understanding with those outside of it–supporting growth and expansion while reserving the magic and integrity of this potent movement.