I consider myself a nomadic multidisciplinary artist, a world bridger, with the mission of interconnecting different cultures with indigenous tribes through ARTivism (art & activism), while catalizing a tangible change in the world around me & in peoples lives by weaving a synaptic web between music, arts, nature, food, activism, eco-technologies, eco-building, travelling, philosophy, philanthrophy, permaculture, music festivals, dance culture, indigenous arts, shamanism, new media and film.

During the last 12 years, I have traveled Mexico doing photo documentaries. I studied Audio-Visual Arts & Film at Monterrey Mx, and For the last 4 yrs I´ve been fliying like a monarch butterfly between Canada, Mexico and Central America, filming shortfilm documentaries, producing indepedent films, and conscious events, supporting and learning from diverse indigenous cultures, participating at intentional gatherings, conferences, sustainable communities, working in different areas at music festivals in Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica and South America.