Rev Nemu


History, Psychology & Poetry of the Apocalypse

I have been vaguely apocalyptic for a long time, expecting some form of immanent doom since my teens. But I only got really into the meat of the apocalypse when a pair of Jehovahs Witnesses appeared at my door the very moment I was thinking about what to write a dissertation on – I ended up studying the relationship between apocalyptic beliefs and medical cosmologies, focussing on why apocalyptic movements produced such innovative perspectives. Since that time, apocalyptic people and the process of apocalypse, of lifting the veil, has become my primary obsession.

I lived in Japan for 6 years, which is about as mind-bending as it gets.
3 years in Brazil at Santo Daime centres was tame by comparison.

Presently I'm in London with twin daughters and twin cats, editing my second book for publication with Psychedelic Press UK.