back the release of the iPhone 6 and 6+ and others many people have experienced a matter thesame to this: they are using their iPhone and every of a immediate the phones screen turns red and gets high and dry gone upon an Apple iphone repair Kansas City logo upon screen. This trouble may resolve itself later, or more often than not it lock going on on the Apple logo screen until it ran out of power. Possible causes and solutions: 1. Software issue: This most likely a software issue. Some people who have experienced this business acknowledged they were adept to fix their phones by substitute a hard reset, which you can also try. straightforwardly preserve by the side of the faculty button until your iPhone 6 shuts down. Afterwards plug your iPhone into your computer later than the lightening cable, then press and support the faculty + home buttons alongside until you look the plug into iTunes prompt. subsequently follow the reset process through iTunes. 2. Hardware issue: This could plus be a hardware issue. There are people who have claimed to fix the red screen event by replacing their iPhone 5Ss proximity sensor (apparently doesnt take steps on the iPhone 6). But this may not be the ideal another for usual people next you and me, and the best choice is to door Apple or visit an Apple accrual to replace the phone. We suggest recording a video of the red screen in warfare this has unaccompanied happened on occasional. No. 2 iPhone 6 wont act issue: This is not a extra issue, past the phones liberty many people have experienced and complained more or less this problem. The phone and charger play in just good until thus random lessening in get older they unexpectedly end charging. Possible causes and solutions: Make clear youre using the original cable and charger that came later than your phone. If you are, attempt different cables, chargers/sockets to see where is the trouble lines; If your iPhone 6 is yet unable to charge, make definite the connector on the cable and charging harbor for your iPhone 6 are clean and dust free. If they are dirty, just blow it out or use alcohol to tidy them. Resetting your iPhone 6 may moreover support to solve this issue. helpfully retain by the side of both the talent button and house button for at least 10 seconds until you look the Apple logo appear. If youve tried all of the above steps and the misfortune yet exists, you probably craving to replace the charging port to fix it. If you are inexperienced in phone repair we recommend you agree to your phone to the Apple accrual or a third party repair shop for help.