If you are living in a small home, space is always a problem. Finding ways to declutter the space is what you must constantly do. Also, while doing this, you might end up making it look really unattractive. So, you would wonder what can be done to increase the storage and still maintain the classy look of your room. A simple answer to this is wonderful floating wall shelves. Not only for those looking for extra storage space, but also for those looking for wall decoration, these shelves are a great idea. These do not have brackets that occupy the walls, making them look extremely stylish without any visual distraction.Benefits of Floating Wall ShelvesThe benefits of floating wall shelves are many. These will help release some space in the closed cabinets which you can use for those rarely used items. Those gifts or awards you got, lying in some closed cabinets, can now be shifted on these shelves. Fixing floating wall shelves in a study room is of great use. You can place your huge collection of books and DVD's on these and keep the study table clutter free. In the kitchen, your favorite cutlery, silverware, and glassware can be arranged creatively on these shelves. You can also use them above either side of your countertop and place the necessary cooking items over it. Not only in your rooms, but these can be really useful in bathrooms as well to place your towel sets and other essential materials. In the living room, these can be used to display showpieces, frames, etc. Material Used for These ShelvesThe material used is highly dependent on your taste and the purpose of installing these shelves. If you are fixing floating shelves on the kitchen wall, you can opt for a marble or granite shelf that matches the kitchen countertop. Matching these to the kitchen cabinets is also a popular idea. Wooden floating shelves are very commonly opted as they suit most of the home decor, irrespective of the room in which they are installed. Glass floating shelves are also commonly used in living room, bedroom, and kitchen. If your kid's bedroom has colorful plastic floating shelves, they can be easily matched to kitchen cabinets Deltona the rest of your kid's room furniture. For placing books, you need to opt for wooden shelves. Colors of floating shelves need to be matched well with the rest of the furniture. Cherry colored wooden floating shelves look elegant and suit almost any piece of furniture or laminate. White floating wall shelves are highly popular and commonly fixed on white walls.Ways of Fixing These ShelvesFloating wall shelves can be used for wall decorations. Fixing them creatively on the walls can add a lovely element to the entire room and give it a decorative look. One of the large wall decorating ideas is to fix a long floating shelf and two smaller shelves above it creatively. Placing them in step pattern is another idea. Another idea is to fix them one below another on a narrow pillar. Make sure you keep enough space between the shelves so that you have the liberty to place the showpieces. You should plan in advance what you will be placing on the shelves and accordingly fix them. Make sure you fix them at the right height so that the object placed over it is perfectly visible. Fixing floating wall shelves is the best way to add a style element to the walls. Placed in the wrong way, these can just give a cluttered look, so think twice before you fix them so as to enhance the appearance of the entire room.