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To participate in the Visionary Dialogs, all you need to do is become a Conscious Agent. Conscious Agents is a paid subscription program that helps Reality Sandwich stay vital, grow, and innovate. You can signup at the price level that feels right to you.

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[icon-star] First 100 people who signup for the $50 annual subscription receive a FREE pass to an Evolver Learning Lab course (a $129 value!) [icon-star]

What are Visionary Dialogs?

  • A monthly interactive video discussion forum where you can participate live with passionate and knowledgeable RS authors for an in-depth exploration of burning topics in the transformation community.
  • After the live video interaction ends, you will have access to a special text forum for four weeks where you can continue the conversation with that month’s featured speakers.

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Upcoming Visionary Dialogs:

  • What Makes a Shaman Authentic? with Rak Razam, Itzhak Beery, Elizabeth B. Jenkins, and Robert Tindall 
     Starts October 20, 2014 (Learn more [icon-arrow-right])
  • Is the Contemporary Occult Different than Occult Era’s Past? with Gary Lachman, Mitch Horowitz, Pam Grossman, and David Metcalfe
     November 17, 2014 (Learn more [icon-arrow-right])
  • What Makes Visionary Art Visionary? with Neşe Devenot, Robert Tindall, Benton Rooks, Jonathan Zap, and James Oroc
     December, 2014 (Learn more [icon-arrow-right])
  • Do Psychedelics Prove God Exists? with Adam Elenbaas, Howard Bloom, The Teafaerie, Thomas B. Roberts, and Reverend Nemu
     January, 2015 (Learn more [icon-arrow-right])
  • And many more to come…

What is a Conscious Agent? Someone like you who is a participant in the new consciousness culture that addresses the crises of our times. Your paid subscription helps Reality Sandwich to stay vital, grow and innovate. Join now and become a Conscious Agent for transformation! Your participation makes a difference!

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