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Essays & Interviews

Illuminorganica: An Interview with the Desert Dwellers

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the Desert Dwellers in NYC while they were with Shpongle for the "Museum of Consciousness" tour. We talked about spirituality, psychedelics, music festival culture, and more.
Jeff Bausemer

Kaminanda: Electric World Bridger

Kaminanda’s productions are a swirling fusion of trip hop, dub, midtempo and sensual grooves, unveiling crystalline melodies, ecstatic rhythms from around the world, and beats and bass that sway the body into surrender and release.
Terra Celeste

Evolver Artists

By popular demand, we are posting a listing of the bios, workshop descriptions, and urls of the artists who made the first Evolver happen. Check them out, and make sure to thank them!
Jonathan Talat Phillips

Getting Subliminal with DJ Spooky

For over ten years, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky has quietly been linking the worlds of DJ culture and high art. You could say his approach has been nearly subliminal. In this interview, Spooky gives a retrospective of his diverse body of work.
Propaganda Anonymous

The Sound of Ice: Discussing "Terra Nova"

In this interview with Elena Glasberg, I discusses my new multimedia performance work Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antarctica, open-source media, music history, new relativism, the need for more paradox, and the sound of no government.
Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky

Tipping in the Thunder (Gang Gang Dance in the duende)

In my personal musical cosmology, Gang Gang Dance are to the Aughts (2000-2010) what Future Sound of London’s epic Life Forms double-LP was to the mid-nineties, and what Floyd’s UmmaGumma was to the early 70s.

Sampling Paradise: Goa Trance

As we hurtle into the twenty-first century, refugees from the First World have poached the info tech that's speeding up the march of progress and made an abrupt about-face towards the archaic. They drag it to the rocks and jungles. Technology loves connection, so they sync it with the ancient wheel of the heavens.
Erik Davis

Kraddy Slaughters the Minotaur

In the beginning of the year, Kraddy, the Los Angeles based electronic music producer and DJ sat down with Reality Sandwich to discuss music and life. He was on tour promoting his new EP, Labyrinth. 
Steve Urban

The Church of Random Rab

Every great movement has its sound, and every great epoch has its backing tracks. With his fourth album, Visurreal, the West Coast DJ and musical avatar crafts a masterpiece that captures the quintessence of the spiritual healing journey, by offering his own.
Charles Shaw

Dancing With the Digital Shamans

"Given that everything in reality is made of vibrations, sound science is extremely important because it has the unique ability to tune, harmonize, and modify people's vibrations (our journey). Within a sound-scape, one can transcend the physical realm and take sonic leaps and bounds of personal growth. Music brings people of all walks of life together, and it also heals the mind, body, and soul." ~ Julian Reyes / Keyframe-Entertainment (Executive Producer, Electronic Awakening)
Terra Celeste

Conscious Convergences: Festivals and Conferences

Reality Sandwich's guide to festivals, conferenes, and major events for the transformational community.     News • Deeper • Evolver EDM ***  RECOMMENDED EVENTS   JANUARY, 2013
Conscious Convergences

Album Review - Two Fingers Stunt Rhythms (Ninja Tune, 2012)

Amon Tobin's latest Two Fingers effort, Stunt Rhythms is an eclectic nod to hip hop, dark dance floor beats, and visceral glimpses of deepspace in the middle of a musical mutliverse.
Jill Ettinger

Visionary Soundscapes: A Talk with Mystical Sun

Mystical Sun has been making verdant listening-room electronica for almost two decades. The recently-released 26000 is his first album in four years, a testament to the time-intensive work and, poetically, also a concept album about deep time and epochal cycles.
Michael Garfield

Myth, Ritual, and Revelry: A Talk with Damian Lazarus

Damian Lazarus, head of the influential Crosstown Rebels record label, is transforming the clichéd image of house music. In this interview, Lazarus talks about Burning Man and Day Zero, his upcoming 24-hour dance party synchronized to the end of the Mayan Calendar.
ST Frequency

Synergy, Sound and the Sacred: Documenting Transformational DJ Culture

The art of being a DJ, dancing or creating the space where DJ’s and dancing communities meet – this is the art of connecting, joining ourselves with the energy of life.
Terra Celeste

Music, Technology, and Responsibility

I am caught in a conundrum. I create music inspired by the wild unfettered spirits of the natural world, but the power I am using to create music in my home is literally destroying the beauty and the species that surround me.


News, Videos, Podcasts & Events

PsycloScope - EDM Psy Hop Mix 'Where You From' ~ Pre Burning Man by PsycloScope

"PsycloScope" is San Francisco-based Music Producer Jake Musselman. Inspired by ground-breaking artists such as Tipper, Hedflux, Kalya Scintilla, and Liquid Stranger, "PsycloScope" strives to push the boundaries of Electronica music.
Keyframe Entertainment

Armando Kroma @ Moontribe 21 Year Anniversary FMG (June 2014) by Terrakroma

Set recorded at Moontribe FMG 21 year anniversary. Amazing 3 day gathering under the moon.
Keyframe Entertainment

Next Level Radio Mix by Random Rab

Original mix of obscure and lesser known tracks from the Random Rab vault. Originally aired April 9, 2014 on Glitch.fm. Hosted by David Avatara.
Keyframe Entertainment

Elysium, Sheyba, Kaaya, Kailash & Undercover Live (Streaming) by Elysium (Official Cloud)

Latest 3 hour live-set from Elysium, available streaming only.
Keyframe Entertainment

Animatronix - Re:Connect [Remixes] by Street_Ritual

Animatronix and Street Ritual team up to bring you one a this top shelf remix album just in time for summer!
Keyframe Entertainment

Itom Lab by ItomLab

A galactic journey into the stars with sonic vibrational compositions of electronic music hybrid with organic sounds. Utilizing a variety of control surfaces and performing several instruments. The evolving arts of Electronic Shamanism is Itom Lab's mission.
Keyframe Entertainment

LuneCell @ Fractel Fest 2013 - LIVESET by LuneCell

LuneCell is Tim Howe from Eastern United States. Psychedelic music and fractal visualizations are his specialty. He's inspired by psychedelic gatherings and the fringe culture they manifest.
Keyframe Entertainment

Dancing Astronaut Axis Podcast - Matt Lange Mix

Matt Lange has become a name synonymous with attention to detail, precision, and musical craftsmanship, all without losing sight of emotional impact.
Keyframe Entertainment

Aril Brikha & Chymera - T Room Sessions by Chymera

Joint live set for the T room Sessions in Prince Charles last August. Chymera's music sits somewhere between techno and house, occasionally touching on electronica, electro and ambient, and all with his keen sense of melody.
Keyframe Entertainment

CBLS 262 - Compost Black Label Sessions Radio - guestmix by Shahrokh Dini

Featured guestmix by Compost Black Label artist Shahrokh Dini (Karlsruhe).
Keyframe Entertainment


Starting her DJ journey in the mid 1990's San Francisco underground, Forest Green continues to explore the art of rocking the dance floor, and mastering the mix.
Keyframe Entertainment

Transhuman EP by Sixis

Sixis is the latest musical venture of Bay Area native Ben Wyss. This project fuses distinct sonic spaces with danceable bass music aesthetics to create a thought provoking and emotive experience.
Keyframe Entertainment

Deep Frequency at Electric Poncho by A Hundred Drums

This is the official recording of A Hundred Drums at Electric Poncho Music and Art's Festival at Canyon De Guadalupe. Paradise in the middle of nowhere.
Keyframe Entertainment

EP's & Singles by Nano Records

Nano Record's label boss, dj and the driving force behind Nano Records, Regan is a passionate music lover who has helped launch some of the most in demand acts currently on the global Psy-Trance scene.
Keyframe Entertainment

Somnambulate by Lt. Daaan

Feeding off smiles, subtle exchanges of knowing satisfaction, and expressions of ecstatic surprise, Lt. Daaan lives to engage with his audience and environment. Check out this "dreaaamy spaaacey" mix that grew around Flying Lotus's "Dance Floor Stalker."
Keyframe Entertainment

Closing Set BiTF 2014- July 12th 2014 by Nehana

As a DJ, producer and promoter Nehana brings passion and intensity into each event she’s involved in. In clubs, music festivals and underground parties, Nehana has made thousands dance and celebrate.
Keyframe Entertainment

Pallida "The Illusionist" Horns & Hoofs Entertainment 2014

Pallida is Andreas Lingbrand from Gothenburg, Sweden - here are snippets from his new album, The Illusionist.
Keyframe Entertainment

Live by The Wisdom of Shankara

The Wisdom of Shankara (Brendan Evans and Elijah Wilson-Kelly) is an electronic music duo on an exploration through the musical galaxy to discover the possibilities of sound.
Keyframe Entertainment

FnF 2014 Submission by DJ_Chai

"This is a set that is more versatile then my usual recordings as I was inspired to take a journey through various emotional states for this mix."
Keyframe Entertainment

Translinguistica: A musical review of the "Aya: Awakenings" film

The screen is dark and the new cult film Aya: Awakenings is beginning. As organic astral geometries blend into writhing vines, synaptic pathways are tripped on screen and off.
Keyframe Entertainment

Dancefloor Bass Sets by DJ Dakini

Bass vixen & conscious event coordinator extraordinaire ~ Dakini has been a pivotal part of the creation of Australia’s EDM festival culture since before the turn of the millennium, and is Australia’s most renowned female dj.
Keyframe Entertainment

Diynamic Radio Show May 2014 by Kollektiv Turmstrasse -- Diynamic Music

The Diynamic Radio Show is a weekly podcast, mixed and compiled by artists represented by Diynamic Music. This week's host is Kollektiv Turmstrasse.
Keyframe Entertainment

Pushing Through The Pavement by Polish Ambassador

For the Polish Ambassador project, born on the richly-colored streets of Chicago and San Francisco, infectious melody is paramount.
Keyframe Entertainment

Rorschack releases debut album, All of the Above

RORSCHACK’s album is a fine fusion of hip hop based groove, electro-live, deep jazzy bass beats, woven together with the sounds of indo jazz, funk rock, and the rich worldly music of the Middle East and Persia.
Keyframe Entertainment