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♀ The Venusian KISS ♀

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♀ The Venusian KISS ♀

The New Moon in Libra is the time to open to beauty. The planet Venus is bestowing us with the greatest of blessings and offering up her sacred kiss. Float on air by balancing those Libran scales. Let yourself be absorbed in wonder, delight and all that inspires beauty deep within you.

-Venusian Bath-

Rose Petal + Rosehip Seed Oil + Sea Salt

Just add a cup of organic dried rose petals to a half gallon jar, add hot water, put on the lid, and steep for an hour. Next, run a bath and strain the tea into the bathtub. Then, add three tablespoons of Rosehip seed oil to a cup of sea salt and add the mixture to the bath.


Steep yourself in pure decadence!

[Excerpt from The WILD Woman Project’s New Moon Report]

As founder of House of Magick, Cole Lopez, brings a unique yet cohesive blend of offerings. Her old-world herbal remedies which draw upon her lifelong kinship with plants, her practice of healing traditions, and also her astrological amulets that are beautifully crafted and bound to powerful stones, texts, essential oils and Reiki blessings.


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