Into the Green Underworld (Part 2 of 2)

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6 "A Leafy History "

So now we get to their creation story! According to the historian, this plant was made as an agreement between the crystalline beings and the plant beings in a time before humans had dishonored the plant kingdom.

The Historian continues:

"There used to be great honor and respect between the humans and the people of the leaf, I will not go too far into how degraded this relationship has become, but know that now our people still serve the purposes of the leaf and of the Earth."

"Your minds* (Translates as emotions thought-forms and will) by contrast, are now polluted with a thick foggy stench of illusions and vices born out of vanity. This pollution is choking us even here as well as many other sacred beings throughout the three worlds. We used to work more openly with your people, but all that has changed with your abuse of fire."

Then, as if reading my thoughts, the story changes as I wonder about their motives:

"We are not weak or afraid of conflict with what is at stake. We are warriors of justice and peace. We choose non-violent ways of subduing your pandemic mental disease. We see your people's (astral) smoke pollution building up in our world that your people have created and we have found a way to use it to stop you from destroying us all."

"We only take from those who give. We only give what you have created. We obey the law of Balances. We are devotees to The Way. We have simple lives that we value and honor with beauty, significance and achievement. We are among the alliance of plant spirits who sustain this world."

Then, as if done being on a soap box, the historian continues in a more sedate pace:

"With the Abuse of Fire came many changes in the human, but that is your story not the story of the Animan. White Bear was a true Shaman; his death was a great loss to your kind. He was true when the many were not. He knew the wisdom of his ancestors, he knew the ways of this world* (astral) as you barely do and much more, he lived his life in harmony with all life. His being was at peace with all beings. His way rang in harmony with our way. He used the crystal pipe to speak in smoke to the people far away."

(**This is being shown to me via hologram; he is burning the leaf and imbibing and then he is clenching his base and his crown and creating a closed off "crystal pipe" out of his spine and sending his emotions and thoughts into a bundle of energy in his head, then wrapping that bundle around a symbol to load into the smoke via his breath to be delivered by the messenger to another, far away, who is also imbibing; in this way they can transmit through the crystals in the smoke — this is totally different than unconsciously having your thoughts or feelings tapped or taken and then fogged. He was directly choosing which feelings, thoughts, etc., to send, copying them himself and then blowing them into the mouth of the messenger. He had clearly already made a thoroughly hashed out contract with the messenger as to what would be traded for what and done for mutual gain. )

"He knew the Old ways, the pre-time days. The ways of the Animan."

(In his case this Animan was a 'bearman' half animal — half human etc.* This is a distinction where a human does not see itself as being 'separate' from other animals and has a profound astral union with one or more of them.)


7."The Abuse of Fire"

"Much earlier there was greater peace between our people because Man was younger and Animan was more common. We lived in great harmony and music and drank together and gazed upon the stars as brothers. (There are others who guard the gates in the plant alliance, but each of us has always had a special relationship and purpose with man that has evolved over time.) The people of the Old Hair in Africa and Australia still remember our ways. The people rooted in your continent are sadly plagued by the abuse of fire that has over-run that space. They do not feel the Earth, the womb of soil or hear the whispers of the trees or see the green people in the forest. These voices have not been silenced yet these messages have been ignored. Fire was always used to help create life in the old way. Not to obscure it! Fire was used to bring peace and union to the earth with the sacred pipe. Not to plunder it! The worst abuse of fire that even I can scarcely speak of is the use of fire with intent to dominate the earth and claim superiority over all other creatures!"

"This is the abuse that has created your people's confusion as you cling to gadgets and conveniences yet have no instinctive practices. The ways of uniting with the earth as primal beings and in rituals have been twisted into delusions of superiority instead of connection. You hold your tools of fire before you like saviors from the 'filth' of earth, and in this mind belief you develop technology! You, like spoiled children, run amuck claiming superiority over your Earth mother your Sky father and your many brothers and sisters all around you. Fire was always intended for man's use and to develop technology, but that development was meant to be guided by your greater family.

"As a result our people no longer are messengers for your people, now we are 'collectors' and the garbage grows higher with each sun. Your people largely do nothing and do not value initiative or the power of an unbroken will. Mostly that has been robbed from you, yet you defend your broken inheritance. You are caught in the trap of your own beliefs to which you are addicted ,and since this addiction and will-rejection is all that you value, this is our only way to reach many of you."

"You have grasped the gift of fire and its infinite ability to create and you have run with it like a naïve little thief afraid of slowing down and being 'caught' by the true cost it takes to properly own it and use it. Never did it occur to you that this gift of fire was always meant for you — not because you are superior, but because your family loves you! Your kind were meant to be creators and students of your wiser brothers and sisters, the great spirit within you desired this not because you are better than others but because you are one evolving piece of the greater animal body with a purpose to create."

"You are a strong baby species, but you haven't grown up yet and your tantrums have filled three worlds with wasteful blood and mental excrement. Your people slap the faces of your larger family with each action taken in the belief that you are superior. Every creature on earth (including the plants and rocks) speaks telepathically, yet 'superior' humans have gone mute in favor of playing with fire-power. 'Housecats' and Goldfish see the beings in between worlds more clearly with astounding astral vision, and 'superior' humans are lucky if they believe in more than one world."


8. "Green Genesis"

"In the beginning of our being, there was a great union. We were to be messengers to many beings to guard the gates between worlds and to ally with the beings of the in-between."

(Nature spirits of twilight who, according to their religion, create and sustain our world ,acting as dynamic living blueprints that our world is constructed from.)

"The Guardians of Light who uphold the Crystal realms in a pact with The Alliance of Plant Spirits united their powers of creation into a new union — birthing a new guardian plant with gifts from the crystal world and the plant world. Its birth was always intended to be a catalyst for the evolution of beings in your world."

I felt somewhat moved by the historian's speech, as if I was listening to a great religious doctrine.

"We are the people who made a pact to come to this world to make a difference — united to uphold and maintain the sacred gates between worlds our bodies were transformed in the marriage between our original form and the sacred plant-crystal. We are the People of the Leaf! We are among the guardians of the green gates! Now we are children of this leaf and our original people are no longer in your world." We are now a mixed-breed and yet we are not the plant at all. We are here by choice, Moon by Moon we grow stronger despite all odds. In order for us to sustain our bodies and our purpose our plants must breed — the sacred leaf must live!"

Then as if in explanation:

"The time of plant mating re-energizes our spirit's roots in this world and ensures our communication remains strong. This allows us to be messengers. This time is sacred to us and to those human allies who we bless with providing for them."

My mind started to question the historian's vaulted view of the people of the leaf; frankly, I found him a bit Pompous.

Then the Historian responded as if reading my thoughts:

"Why are we wise? Why are we the messengers? We were born by pact, marriage and power. Our power is always guided by purpose and plan. Our wisdom is woven with the secrets of leaf & stone — the old wisdom! We bridge our two worlds by focusing light through crystals, it is through these crystals that we are able to travel and communicate. This is but one aspect of our people's inherent wisdom! Imagine if your people all had physical crystals imbedded in your bodies constantly giving you the wisdom of the ancients!

Our people gather light and knowledge from the sun and moon like plants! Imagine if your people could drink the life essence of sun and moon and taste its full secrets! Many of us are old and are like ancestors to your people, our people care for this world as well as yours and choose to activate and mobilize changes that are designed to protect what your people have lost and forgotten."


9. "A Baby's First Words"

I began to feel something rising to the surface that I needed to say:

"Well perhaps my people need to start over with believing that we are equal with and yet unique among a larger family of living beings. Maybe it would help to envision a larger world-view of humans as students of our brothers and sisters. Maybe we need to envision fire as a gift from our family and imagine the whole process of technology developing from the premise that we are baby creators seeking the wisdom of our elders: the Animal, Plant and Mineral brothers and sisters in many worlds and dimensions to guide us in developing a ‘terranology' (instead of technology) in harmony with our family's ancestral wisdom!"

"I think it would be beneficial to recreate our history and envision our timeline with the change that we maintained that point of view from when we received fire to present day. This might be a way that we could use our gift of creation as a tool in the present to inspire renewal! What would it be like if we never stole the fire? What if we were in a big council meeting and the crows and the wolves and the plant spirits and the gemstone guardians and the ancestors all were at the council and together we all came to celebrate the receiving of this gift of fire, and what if each of the beings present gave a blessing to the early humans and offered guidance in how to use fire to create community and peace and connection?"

The historian replies,

"I think it most likely that you as a species will have a lot of growing up to do before you are able to collectively reach awareness of this. Your people are still so young, this is natural, it is the way of young ones. Like the baby who knows very little about the larger world, humans of your continent especially are wrapped up in testing your boundaries with your parents and family. Even so, your family loves you, despite your tantrums. It is fortunate that they do or your species would be extinct. They are truly allowing you to continue to exist out of love for the new baby species. If Mother Earth did not love you, the insects and spores and pollens and floods would have killed your species off a long time ago. It is this love that only a mother can give that keeps you all alive."

"No you are not superior, nor have you dominated the Earth, you are fleshy, soft, little creator-babies that have made a big mess and you are being very patiently tolerated. Even your nuclear bombs have not changed this love, for even this is a part of the sun, a part of your family fire-creation inheritance. And it may take a lot of growing up till your people realize that you opened your presents early or rather under the wrong premises — Without your Family's guidance! You are a species in desperate need of parental supervision."

Historian laughs.

I could tell he looked at me as a kindly but stern old grandfather looks at an infant, it was a strange moment, to be held in the eyes of an old green man. I felt really young, fussy and funny looking in his eyes, like I was both him and me looking at a very young baby with a million years ahead of me. And as the baby. I was just learning how to say my first words. It felt like this: "Awww, what a cute wittle baby! Look it's wandered over here all by himself and he can almost talk, how cute!" (He seemed almost like a proud Grandpa for a moment) "Now you behave little baby, lets not make a big mess now. Ok? Okay. Ahh Booo! Yeah, look at the pretty lights, that's a good baby." I could tell for the first time that he had a bit of a sense of humor too. Hmmm… … Interesting. (I think I must fall in the "Slow Food" category.)


10 "Now What?"

After this journey, I realized that the original question had opened up a thousand more questions. While I was clear on the negative impact on the will for myself and seemingly most who imbibe marijuana, the people of the leaf weren't clearly entirely detrimental either.

It was, if they were telling the truth, more about the relationship between humans and the green gate keepers that has led to this less than ideal relationship in the North American shrine network area.

This Relationship features some larger-scale karmic "abuse of fire," an egotistical distraction of disembodied arrogant technological development with a destructive superiority complex and erroneous belief-machinery designed to distract from natural law and harmonious mentorship from our earthy and leafy teachers. In this belief option, the people of the leaf are to be seen as warrior activists who had to make a huge sacrifice to save our immature asses and are like an emergency swat team or emergency medical task force, preventing our self-destructive nature from over-coming us utterly and protecting three dimensions from our thought and emotion pollution. Even if the Historian's story is actually true, then it is only the most destitute and destructive of users who may truly benefit from their services, and the providers. Only those who require "emergency services" and growers and dealers. And it may be a fairly debilitating crutch in that you are burning willpower as a user and creating karma with the human race as a grower.

Or, on the other hand, maybe this was just a clever story — a lie told by a smooth and powerful astral entity, who, after all was capable of reading my thoughts. This isn't really a very logical way to gather knowledge. On the physical level, I wouldn't go up to a gangster and ask if they are a good person. And if the Yakuzas or another gang sent over a lawyer or a historian, what are the odds that they would be biased? And how easy would it be to use my own reason for journeying there to create a story about their own nobility to delude me. I.e., we both are there to protect humans we care about. How compelling. It is just as arbitrary to conclude that they are saviors as to conclude that they are scheming manipulative life-force parasites that work to meet their own ends. Perhaps it is even more likely due to their historian's open admittance of selling human will in a marketplace. As someone who values his will, I find that a violation of humankind. The sad part may be that many people are consenting to it.

Psychologically, I could see that this could even be a projection, or a delusion if it weren't for the tremendous amount of detail and complexity of the world and elements that I had no knowledge of prior to this experience like the Asian setting, the story of White Bear and the Shrine Network etc. and also the number of people who were able to corroborate different aspects of this story from their own direct experiences.

I cannot verify much that the historian said, that information was second hand. What I can verify is the observations I made independently. What I can tell is that the "respect scale" seems to hold up under scrutiny and that as I continue to dig I am getting clearer and clearer about a set of Laws that operate in the green underworld. While I may not be able to dismiss the value of smoking pot altogether. I cannot in good conscience endorse its use for anyone who does not have a serious medical need for it and who values their own will and life purpose. My further investigations do not require its use, as I now have the "address," so to speak, of their world. I did not require its use before to travel — so I do not believe that my experiences can be verified just by picking an intent and smoking.

I had travelled extensively for four years before I ever imbibed. The benefits of marijuana clearly come with a price, and I believe in either point of view that people can hugely benefit from knowing this and understanding how it works as long as they aren't deluded by their own negative ego. It is my sincere hope that I can help discover and reveal more useful knowledge about marijuana use and its effects from a shamanic perspective so that people can make an informed decision from at least one new perspective.

I choose to claim my Victory in overcoming undue attachments to emotional states! I choose to walk my path with huge courage and Glorious intention, valuing and enjoying every drop of my Will to empower and enjoy living my truest purpose fully manifest with solid Foundation on the Kingdom of Earth.


Image by austins_irish_pirate, courtesy of Creative Commons license.

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