Medicine Hunter in LA

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This Friday, July 29th, Evolver Los Angeles welcomes Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham for “The Shaman’s Pharamacy,” a rare, intimate discussion of plant medicines and shamanic cultures.

Since 1994 Chris has worked, traveled and studied with shamans in Brazil, Peru and North America. He has participated in many dozens of ceremonies, both with and without the ingestion of ceremonial psychoactive drugs. He is experienced with ayahuasca, San Pedro cactus, peyote, coca, and tobacco.

Chris is recognized as a chief in Vanuatu, South Pacific, is known as “Maxipe” which means “black vulture” by the Macuxi indians, and has lived with and visited dozens of native tribes in Amazonia and in other cultures. Shamans in both Brazil and Peru recognize Chris as one of their kind and a bridger of worlds, and have engaged in numerous ceremonies to bolster his energy and support his work with medicinal plants and native cultures. Chris is the author of fourteen books, including Hot Plants, The Five Tibetans, Psyche Delicacies, Tales from the Medicine Trail and Kava, and Medicine Hunting in Paradise. Chris also writes articles on plant medicines for several publications, and is a contributing columnist for FOX News Health.

Tickets are $20 through Eventbrite, $25 at the door.

Friday, July 29th, 2011
Doors 8:30
Presentation begins at 9 pm followed by Q&R

Lyric Hyperion Theater
2106 Hyperion Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Sponsored by Project Butterfly and Organic Authority.

For more of the Medicine Hunter, check out his Ayahuasca Monologue, presented by Evolver Boston earlier this year:

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