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A New York State of Sync

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This Friday in New Paltz, New York, join fellow "Sync Book" author Kevin Halcott and I as we explore synchronicity in movies, mythology and mysticism.  Learn how the movie stars of planet Earth bring us in touch with the same cosmic mythic dramas that have been stored in the stars of the heavens since the dawn of storytelling.

Kevin Halcott will be presenting a slideshow introduction to Synchronicity and the art of Synchromysticism, followed by a short documentary highlighting patterns of meaningful coincidence in popular culture, mythology, and movies, aiming to allow greater access to mystery, wonder and joy.

In my talk about online telepathy I’ll show how we can use social technologies to (re) learn telepathic communication both on and offline.  I reveal that along with synchronicity, "magical" powers such as knowing what friends are thinking without direct communication are a part of the overarching evolutionary shift from a linear to a more holographic way of being in the world. 

After the talks will be the premiere of Kevin's video, "Flim: A Thin Skin or Membrane" which looks at the Synchronistic relationship between the concept of going down the "Rabbit Hole" and the symbolic use of the Rainbow in Mysticism and Pop Culture as modern metaphors about our growing knowledge of our Spiritual nature and origins.

In addition we will be showing "Hare Peace", as a further exploration of the synchronicities and themes surrounding the white rabbit. Hare Peace is put together by Sync Whole bloggers Jake Kotze and Jim Sanders.

Following the presentations and films will be a live musical collaboration by It's Not Night: It's Space, Shana Falana, and Spreaders.

Movies and talks start at 8. Music at 11.  60 Main street New Paltz, 5$ suggested donation July 15th 2011



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