The Healing Power of Rock

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In 2002, rock fan Laura Faeth found herself "unstuck in time" when suddenly and unexpectedly she became keenly aware that she'd written a seminal book on the relationship of popular music and reincarnating soul families.  There was only one problem:  she hadn't actually written the book.  Yet.  Thus began a bizarre personal (and transpersonal) journey into the realms of the metaphysical, the occult, and rock and roll – leading her through a series of startling revelations about her own past lives, the nature of the soul, and the higher purpose of rock stardom.  What emerged was I Found All The Parts:  Healing The Soul Through Rock 'n' Roll, a through-the-looking-glass adventure into the hidden dimensions of popular music.

I recently spent an hour on the phone with Laura, where topics ranged from the law of attraction and vibrational analysis, to archetypes and occult symbolism, to shamanism and sound healing, to deity yoga and the sacred responsibility of rock musicians.

Laura reminds us: "Nothing in this life is by accident…There is a big thing that we're supposed to do, and we're not doing it.  I've got to light a fire under some rockstars' asses and say, 'Wake up!'"

My summary:  "I want you all to be alchemical hermaphrodite, love-beaming, super-creative, universalist-egalitarian occult shaman rockstars.  And you're running out of time.  Get to it."

Click here to listen, or download the entire 67-minute conversation at, where I've registered it under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 License (in case you DJs out there want to sample any of this wild conversation…).

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