Astrological Power Places

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In astrology, many
people have heard of Astrocartography, which means “to map by the stars.”  Yet, Astrocartography (ACG) is a more
subtle and refined instrument than we may first consider.  It is also but one of many techniques
which can be applied in the enlightening art and science of Astrolocality or
Relocation Astrology.

fundamental principle of this mapping tool is that: there are going to be more supportive places for your specific
intentions to be realized.  
if you are looking to find love, a stable career, a supportive home and
community environment, creative fulfillment, etc., different locations will be
more or less beneficial for your pursuits.

2008, I took two intensive courses with Western, Vedic, and Relocation
astrologer, Moses Siregar.  I was
motivated first to understand just what had occurred in the 25 countries I had
traveled to throughout my 20’s.  I
also was well aware of my desire to travel further, to teach, to find my roots,
to find places which would support the growth of my art and music, and
locations to find nourishing, healthy relationships.

the years of research, study, and life experience, I have unveiled some
fascinating and highly instructive discoveries through Relocation Astrology
that I hope will inspire readers for their own life journeys.

of us will be traveling to vortexes and power places around the planet this
exciting year of 2012.  But of all
the many choices, where can we find the most enlightening and inspirations
locations for us personally?  In
this essay, we explore how Relocation Astrology is becoming a fundamental
appendage to the emerging Aquarian Age.
We discover why the astrological trance-formations of the 2010s are the
ideal time to implement this cosmic roadmap.  And we ask how can we understand some technical nuts and
bolts of relocation astrology through personal and famous biographies?

Mapping – Aquarian Linguistics

As the Aquarian age continues to emerge, languages
such as Relocation Astrology will be implemented to reflect the hermetic
principle “As Above, So Below,” so dear to the minds and hearts of the
gnostics, alchemists, astrologers, and sages from all cultures.

Let us just take a moment to appreciate our
enhanced individuality and the expanded sense of personal freedom (Aquarius) we
can now apply through sophisticated software such as astrological mapping.  How blessed we are!  If we put this technology in any other
historical epoch, when the world is not bombarded by information and streaming
media distraction, and we could imagine that a metaphysical and intellectual
phenomena akin to the popularity of the Theosophical movement could unfold
before us.

Astrocartography and Relocation mapping suggest an even more profound Aquarian
theme:  that we are in fact global
citizens, not confined to national identities, nor to the energies of the place
we are born. This global earth village has different attractive vortexes for
our soul’s evolution, and we are alive at a time that allows for international
travel at the click of a button.
These days, almost every plane is booked solid.  We are traveling and relocating
constantly.  This form of
astrological mapping guides us in how to activate our antennae to our personal
power places.

dowsers, and energy readers have all demonstrated the presence of Mother Earth’s ley lines, or meridians
of energetic power.  One well-known
vortex of power is southern England, where Stonehenge and many of the crop
circles are found.  We can think of
Relocation Astrology as revealing our own personal ley lines, where the
monuments to our soul scan be constructed.

many of us, it is somewhat disappointing and disillusioning to feel the
indigenous magic of certain places, holy sites, pyramids, pilgrimage locales somewhat reduced in power by the sheer number of
tourists, or those visitors who disrespect or completely ignore the sanctity of
a location.  What may become
more important for each of us is to find our own personal evolutionary portals,
and passionately embrace our places of power on this planet.  This is the goal of Relocation

2008, I have chronicled the effects of relocation mapping in my own life.  As of December 2011, I have traveled to
over 25 countries and every continent except Antarctica and Australia, and
lived all along the west coast and now in Colorado.

Since my intensive studies in astrolocality began,
I have both looked back to analyze places I have lived and traveled as well as
forward, as I now plan and strategize my travels and teachings according to my
places of potency.

has also provided a depth of understanding of the cosmic forces at play in my
previous experiences, relationships, and energies in particular locations.  This has subsequently helped to open up
a profound sense of empathy towards myself throughout my journeys.

Vagabond: Why We Need Astrolocality

travel, expatriatism, and migratory fervor is also inscribed in the generations
rising to power in the coming decades.
Sagittarius is the zodiacal sign most associated with world travel,
pilgrimage, and the gypsy, nomad life.
It is the hero on the quest for meaning and an education built from
personal experience.  Specifically,
we could see how three generations — the Uranus in Sagittarius, the Neptune in
Sagittarius, and the Pluto in Sagittarius generation — are all globetrekking
philosophers, seeking to find those locations most supportive to awaken their

The Neptune in Sagittarius (1970-1984) generation
are those who idealize travel, who dream it into visionary mythologies.  Those born with Uranus in Sagittarius
(1981 to 1988) are hopeful philosophers, optimistically seeking to inspire all
of humanity to benefit from international travel and cultural exchange. The Pluto in Sagittarius generation
born November 1995 to February 2008, and June to November, 2008, are born
spiritual enthusiasts who must transform the archetype of the ‘foreigner.’  These are the souls of 9-11
conspiracies, the shadows of fundamentalist religion and jihad, and the
internet age, who have come to excavate and cathartically shift all concepts of
national, global, and religious ideologies.

many in these generations, travel has become a default setting on life.  It is a massive struggle, and often
perceived as quite spiritually limiting, to remain in one place for a long
period of time — a physical home, a city, or even a country. These  generations founded and then reaped the
benefits of websites such as and, to support
their restless call to the journey of Sagittarian expansion.

is these generations who will lead the way in applying the wisdom of
Astrolocality to finding their paths of soul empowerment.

and Navigation – Uranus in Aries, Neptune in Pisces

decade of the 2010‘s also highlights relocation themes.  Between 2010-2018, Uranus will travel
through the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, while Neptune journeys through
Pisces between 2011 and 2025.
Historically, both cycles of Uranus in Aries and Neptune in Pisces have
been highlighted by their powerful migratory nature.

instance, Uranus was last in Aries between 1927-1935.  We all know that this was the era of the Great Depression,
which caused much displacement worldwide as people hunted for work wherever
they could find it.

peak of the Age of Exploration occurred during a Neptune in Pisces cycle, (also
highlighting the oceanic symbology of Pisces) through the seafaring voyages
around the entire earth with Magellan, Ponce De Leon’s colonization of Florida,
Pizarro and Almagro’s expeditions to Colombia and Peru, and Hernando Cortez’s
conquering of the Mayans in the Yucatan, Mexico, amongst others.

last time Uranus was in Aries concurrent with Neptune in Pisces was between the
highly transitional middle of the 19th century, when Uranus pulsed through
Aries between 1845 and 1853 and Neptune sailed through Pisces between
1848-1862.  Massive
revolutions spread throughout every major European city in 1848, jolting
populations, in addition to the catastrophic potato famine in Ireland, which
sent many immigrants to the United States.  This time period was also the end of the Mexican-American
war and the secession of huge regions of the United States, including Texas and
California.  We have seen how
immigration, especially across the Mexican border, has been and will continue
to be a major political motif in the United States in the 21st century,
possibly causing civil unrest in this country.

it is highly significant that as Uranus travels through Aries, he will
electrify, shake up, and attempt to liberate U.S. citizens through shocking and
sometimes traumatizing experiences, since Uranus is in the 4th house of the
U.S. chart, the area of the home and roots.  We should expect a catalyzing awakening which fuels a
revolutionary pulse during the 2010’s in the United States.  (This last paragraph was first written
just six months before the Occupy movements swept the United States and entire

it did during the Great Depression, Uranus in Aries signifies the sometimes
violent struggle to fulfill primary, instinctual needs. Food shortages, clean
water supply, extreme weather, and worldwide unemployment will cause many people
to seek out places which can help them to survive and thrive.

should also mention the book Cosmos and
in which scholar and professor Richard Tarnas elucidates that any
hard aspect (0, 90, 180 degrees) between Uranus and Pluto, which includes the
2010-2015 square formation, consistently displayed massive demographic shifts
and increased worldwide migration.

of course, every area of the earth has been mapped and tourism is the number
one industry in hundreds of countries.
Planes rarely have unoccupied seats.

Thus, the emerging Aquarian Age creates global and
before we know it, galactic citizens.
And because displacement, upheaval, transition, and relocation is a
major theme of the planetary cycles of the 2010’s into the 2020’s, we should be
aware of the tool of Astrolocality which can help us to find the places which
will support our greatest growth, as well as provide us a radar as to when to
make our moves.

Importance of Relocated Charts

These days, few of us live where we were born.  This fact alone suggests the vital
importance of interpreting our birth charts as
we were born in the area we currently live.  Although the imprint of your birthchart will always be
carried with you, your influences will be vastly different depending on where
you travel to or reside.  Thus, all
of us would benefit from recognizing the differences in our charts from one
location to the next.

or Relocation Astrology, is based
off a simple principle, wherein we relocate your chart to a place you would
like to move or travel to, using that city as your birth location.  What this reveals is where various
planets (intelligences, psychological functions) will become more or less
dominant, and how they will radiate energy into certain areas of your life.

for instance, you were born on the East Coast, but moved to California in your
20‘s, all of your planets — the various psychological forces within you — would be
radiating their influence in different houses, or spheres of life experience.  This is especially poignant if you have
three or more planets in one house.
From one time zone to the next, those forces will influence a completely
different realm of life.  Instead
of creativity and recreation being a major focus (5th house), you could move
somewhere that forces you to venture into very different territory, the
cathartic transformation and death-rebirth cycles of the 8th house.  This is fundamental self-knowledge
regarding our decisions for residence or travel. Without this cosmic perspective,
we could be expecting a certain kind of energy in our move that will be
completely opposite to what awaits us.

all aspects of life — career, love, financial fulfillment, family, spiritual and
artistic pursuits — have their more ideal and less attractive power places in the
country and the earth as a whole.  No location is perfect for all aspects of life.  But with the tools listed below and
clarity of a client’s intention for relocation or travel, we can weigh the pros
and cons of individual locations to find the most supportive places.  In this process, we often discover
locations that may never have been on one’s radar.

Angles of
Influence-Astrocartography (ACG)

Planets are strongest when they are located on
angles.  Thus, if a planet rises
(near the Ascendent), it will affect your outer persona, and the energy people
receive from you.  Planets setting
(near the Descendent) will strongly influence all relationship dynamics.  When a planet appears on the bottom of
your chart (IC), it will greatly affect your home life.  If a planet graces the Midheaven (MC)
or top of your chart, your career and public image will feel the energy of that
particular planetary function of the human psyche.  Also, if we relocate the chart, and see certain planets at
the cusps (or beginnings) of houses, then those areas of life will also be
more strongly affected by the planet.

is very important that one consider how close to a planetary angle one wishes
to live or travel.

people desire a lot of dynamic energy, potency, and overall “fame” in an
area,  but this can be very taxing
on an individual.  The closer you
live to a planetary line, the more that planetary archetype will dominate your
life experience, like a deity inhabiting you.  Others would prefer a more mellow experience and choose not
to live near any lines whatsoever, but may feel bored or non-enthusiastic about
their lives.  The majority of us
would most likely want experiences somewhere between, and this is the delicate
art and science of astrolocality.

present a famous example of Astrocartography in action.  Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in
Austria, but moved to the U.S. to pursue a bodybuilding career, eventually
blossoming into becoming a Hollywood star and arising as the Governor of
California.  One would imagine that
California would hold some pretty potent energy for Schwarzenegger.

Arnold, the planet Jupiter is at the top of the chart, within four degrees of
the Midheaven, the point of career and vocation in the chart.  Jupiter on the Midheaven locations can
bring some of the widest public recognition for our work.  There is a need to keep growing
professionally here and to push boundaries in our career, perhaps through
teaching, publishing, or travel.
The possibilities are endless for success and prosperity in the public
domain here.  We will also be
highly visible along these lines.

traveled to Venice near Los Angeles, California to pursue his bodybuilding
career, in which he attained the status of Mr. Olympia.  He also published articles for various
bodybuilding magazines.  In
addition to his long and successful acting career, he defied all odds by
becoming a foreign-born state Governor.

is interesting to note that Jupiter is in Scorpio in Arnold’s chart.  This means that in California the
planet Jupiter is in Scorpio at the most public place of his chart.  Arnold’s most famous roles, in Terminator, Predator, Total Recall,
and Conan the Barbarian
are all very Scorpionic indeed, with major themes of apocalypse, murder, war,
alien invasion, and world takeover by artificial intelligence.  Scorpio is also the sign of power
gained through merging our resources with others, such as in the political
sphere or marriage. In California, Arnold did both as he married into the
Kennedy family through his relationship with Maria Shriver. Thus, Arnold wields
his most amplified and expanded (Jupiter) sense of power (Scorpio) over the
earth in California.

No Planet
in a Vacuum

is possible to look up some ACG lines on the internet.  But if we do this, without referring
back to the birthchart, we are attempting to isolate a planet from its context
in your personal birthchart.

elucidate this point, imagine an intelligence, a character on a stage, but
there’s no scene in the backdrop, and you don’t see any of the other
characters.   So Venus may be
saying some sweet things, but to whom and what does she say?  She’s sort of attractive, but blurry
because we can’t make out the costume or the make-up she’s wearing. This is a pretty vague scene
unfolding before us.

typical interpretation we might read for where Venus is rising in your chart,
may sound like this:  “You will be
perceived more attractively here, and will be drawn to more artistic and
aesthetic and social pursuits.  You
will be more concerned with relationships, especially with women.  This is an ideal location for relaxing
and enjoying the pleasurable things in life.  You may earn more money here and will likely apply it
towards the pursuit of recreation.”

now if we put Venus on stage in a challenging T-Square formation, with Pluto
opposite her, and Saturn in a 90-degree square, she’s going to have some
definite relational power struggles.
She may be attracted to darker partners with a hidden agenda, and
constantly battling the Plutonian underworld emotions of manipulation,
possession, and suspicion.  And
with Saturn in a tense square to this Venus, now we know there are going to be
control issues, and even a feeling of responsibility and pressure to stay in
this relationship, even if unhealthy, overly serious, or perpetually
threatening.  Let’s say Venus is
wearing a bunch of battle gear — Venus in her fall in Aries.  This could become a very violent scene,
quite different than if Venus was in her rulership in Taurus.  She may be able to transmute that
darker energy into a tantric bond with her shamanic partner.

example demonstrates that when we use Astrocartography lines and the next set
of lines, Local Space, we cannot take the
planets out of the context of the birthchart dynamic
.  Thus, an Astrolocality astrologer
should be able to evaluate the condition
of the planet in the birthchart, and discover if this place truly reflects the
intentions of the client. It
is negligent to say a benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus will only bring
positive results, since those planets must be perceived in the framework of the
rest of the horoscope.  This is
where it becomes most beneficial for a relocation astrologer to have some
background in various traditions of astrology that emphasize planetary
condition — also called dignity — such as Vedic, Medieval, or Hellenistic.

another example, when I traveled through India in 2003, I did not yet have the
language of Relocation Astrology to help guide me.  But in retrospect, I discovered that my North India route
tended to follow extremely closely to my Local Space Saturn line.  My Saturn is in the sign of Leo, the
creator and artist, and I shot thousands of photos, the most exquisite of my
life, during that trip, in addition to disciplining myself (Saturn) at daily
practice playing the Indian string instrument, the Sarod.

is a disciplinarian who asks you to mature your energy, often through
challenging obstacles, harsh lessons, and reflective solitude.  Saturn lines can thus bring heaviness,
brooding, melancholy, and serious attitudes, all of which I experienced.  But Saturn is also in a challenging
square aspect to my Sun.  This not
only brought me into moments of sometimes depressing contemplations, but it
also challenged my health as Saturn limits the solar vitality.  This is when my wheat/gluten allergy
began, though I had no idea that was occurring.  I suffered through almost constant stomach pain during much
of my four months there, and experienced multiple severe illnesses with bacteria.


way to think about Local Space lines is almost like Feng Shui energies that
compel you towards certain areas to encounter specific archetypal energies.  They are the directions of influence in our lives.  In his excellent book Astrolocality Astrology, Martin Davis cites Michael Erlewine, one of the
pioneers in the field of relocation astrology: “The Local Space chart can show
a concrete, measurable relationship of the individual to a place.”  He found that individuals tended to
move towards cities where these directions were highlighted in order to amplify
those planetary characteristics in their lives at a given time.”

terms of proximity to living or traveling to one’s Local Space lines, the same
rules apply as they do to Astrocartography: the closer you move to a planetary
line, the more you receive the influence of that planetary intelligence, and
how it is conditioned in your birthchart.

quite obvious example of Local Space influence occurs for George W. Bush in
Iraq, the exact location where his Mars line emanates.  Mars is the god of war, battle,
confrontation, aggression, and rash decision.

Local Space Sun line goes through Texas, where he has achieved incredible solar
popularity and where his fame first began.  Also, Bush’s Sun is in Leo, sign of governance, rule, and in
its shadow, self-righteous arrogance.
The sun rules Leo, strengthening Bush’s Sun in Texas and influencing his
rise to the Leonine ruler of governor in that state. His Local Space Saturn
line, which represents where we must put dedicated effort and discipline,  goes directly through Austin, Texas
where he worked as the governor of the state.

my own life, I traveled to a Venus Local Space line when I taught at the Boom
Festival in Portugal in 2010.  This
line crosses southern Portugal and Spain.
In addition to love, Venus rules both aesthetics and the attractive
principle.  I met numerous
beautiful people, felt a sense of popularity, ease, and pleasure, discovered
music I adored, and swam daily in the exquisite waters of the lake.  Venus lines also bring women into
prominence in our lives.  Within a
day, I met a woman with whom I shared a profound sense of familiarity,
especially of being past life beloveds.
My Venus is in Gemini as is hers.
Gemini themes of teaching, travel, language, and even sibling rivalry
dominated our connection.  We met
after I taught an astrological workshop, discussed astrological systems and
esoteric teachings of the Egyptians and Maya, often spoke both English and
Spanish with each other, and traveled together across the Spain and

Venus line also extends to Morocco, where I traveled for the first time with a
beloved to another country.  Again,
since my Venus in Gemini, my writing muse completely consumed me.  I wrote many short stories and poems,
in addition to segments of my novel while in this location.

addition to love, Venus rules both aesthetics and the attractive
principle.  The sultry, physical
splendor of the people of southern Spain incredibly magnetizes me.  The entire sensual spectrum of
Andalucia awakens the Goddess in my soul — including the tapas and beer, the
passionate dance and song of flamenco, the cathedrals and the Moorish
architecture, and the very sound of Spanish rolling off the tongue.  This artistic appreciation carries down
into Morocco, with its minarets, exquisite patterns, tile work, wonders of geometric
art, and seductive desert mirages.


modern astrology the term Paran (short for Paranatellonta) is used to describe
stars or planets that are on the angles — the horizon or meridian — as another
planet crosses the angles.  These
four angles include the rising sign or ascendant, the midheaven or culminating,
the descendent or setting, or the IC, the roots of the sky. For example, the
parans of Jupiter would be those stars or planets that were rising,
culminating, descending or anti-culminating at the same time that Jupiter is in
any or those positions. Thus if the planet Venus culminates on the Midheaven as
Jupiter rises on the ascendant it is referred to as a paran of Jupiter and
Venus, and one will experience an alchemical merger in the nature of those two

Thus, a paran describes an angular
relationship between two planetary intelligences.  These form either a square (90 degrees) or opposition (180
degrees) with each other.  Squares
call us to act in dynamic response
to events, while oppositions force us to balance.

relocation mapping, the entire latitude around the globe where the crossing
occurs is considered significant, because in twenty-four hours, the earth will
rotate below the crossing of the two planetary lines, so the whole latitude
will feel the effects of that planetary crossing.


Geodetic Maps

The geodetic grid is a fascinating tool.  It first describes a general energy for
the given cultures around the world.
On the grid, the earth is split up into 12 regions corresponding to the
zodiacal signs, beginning with the Aries midheaven
at the Greenwich Meridian.  The map
moves eastward in order of the signs.
Thus the Taurus midheaven is over much of the Middle East, the Gemini
midheaven over the Indian subcontinent and so on.

midheaven in an individual’s chart describes our career orientations and our
status in society.  In the geodetic
map, the Midheaven shows how cultures organize themselves and are known to
other cultures.

of the nature of the zodiac, there will be a natural Ascendent sign as well, located
90 degrees to the west of the Midheaven.
An individuals’ ascendant is their instinctive, impulsive nature, an
outer identity.   Similarly, a
region or nation’s Ascendent will describe how a culture projects their energy
out into the world.

may seem arbitrary to begin with an Aries midheaven over the Greenwich
meridian, but if we deeply study the cultures of the world, this tool
accurately describes the general energy, drive, and status of these
regions.  For instance, the United
States actually has three different Midheavens which perfectly apply to the
regional differences.  The entire
east is a Capricorn Midheaven.  The
middle of the country is Sagittarius.
The west coast from above the south San Francisco Bay up is a Scorpio
midheaven.  There are also five
different Ascendents in the United States.

symbolism acutely fits the focus of the regions.  The culture of New York is a Capricorn Midheavan with the
last degree of Aries rising.  Thus,
the focus on success, hard work, and accomplishments of Capricorn with the
energy, drive, and competition of Aries.
Compare this with the Scorpio Midheaven and Aquarius rising of the San
Francisco Bay Area, known for its psychedelic/marijuana culture and the
magnetic pull of esoteric subjects (Scorpio) and its paradigm-shifting
technologies, free-spirit mindset, and transient nature (Aquarius).

geodetic map is often used to reveal valuable information in the areas of
mundane astrology, including where earthquakes, wars, volcanic eruptions,
fires, and storms may surface, especially due to the impact of eclipses.

a personal level, the Geodetic map demonstrates “what the earth does to us” at
a given location.  In other words,
it describes  how we fit into the
culture of a given place or resonate with the spirit of a place.

fact, we can locate specific resonant locations — places that will have the same
angles of the birthchart which we do.
The angles of the birthchart reflect the fundamental and core elements
of our identity, including outer persona, home, relationships, and our careers.
Often, we will feel completely at home in these resonant locations, as the
macrocosmic place is mirroring the microcosmic self.  Relocation astrologer Scott Wolfram explains that the
Geodetic mapping tool reveals how “the vibration of an individual’s birthchart
is in harmony with the vibration of the location.”

example of this is the master yogi, Pramahansa Yogananda, who established the
Self-Realization fellowship in Southern California, and became one of the
pioneering forces in bringing yoga to the West.  Los Angeles is Yogananda’s exactly resonant location.
Southern California has the exact same angles as Yogananda does in his
birthchart — the Aquarius rising and Sagittarius midheaven.  Thus, it as if Yogananda could just fit
in perfectly there as his teachings reverberate strongly with those who
lived there.

benefit of geodetic maps for the Relocation Astrologer and client is that a
birth time is not necessary, as opposed to it being absolutely essential for an
accurate Astrocartography analysis.


and Cyclocartography (CCG)

I have
found perhaps the most underappreciated yet truly epiphanous tool of
astrological mapping in the technique of Cyclocartography (CCG), which allows
us to see the transits, the progressions, even the solar arcs — all important
forecasting tools — for any location on earth.

in CCG, we are studying transits to a relocated birthchart.  With Solar Maps software, we can
actually animate the map to watch transits of Astrocartography, Local Space,
and Paran influences for anywhere in the world.  This incredible tool allows us to investigate archetypal
influences for any time in any geophysical space for the entirety of a
life!  Who would not want to wear this
radar in the crazed chaos of our modern world?

Secondary Progressed maps can be very appealing to study, since they reveal
places which support the slow unfolding of our evolution.  For instance, the Progressed Sun lines
will elucidate where our life purpose is radiating strongest for four to five
years.  The Secondary Progressed
Moon lines are very magnetic, calling our souls to find emotional nourishment
through a sense of extended family and community in those locations.  We may even have some public role to
play there.

famous example of CCG is Barak Obama.
The subject of Obama’s birth place and time is controversial, but
astrologers have found quite a bit of resonant symbolism with his Aquarius
rising chart.

this CCG fact will help lend even more legitimacy to that birth
information.  Over Washington D.C.,
for the two months before and after his elections, Obama’s Secondary Progressed
Moon was at the top of his chart, the midheaven or angle of career.  Not only could this make anyone very
popular and visible in the public eye, but the Obama campaign’s Aquarian
keywords of change and hope, and its ability to rally the youth through
technology (the Aquarian future) resonated most strongly in this location at
this time in Obama’s life.

also theorized that those who win Academy Awards might have some powerful
energy over Hollywood, CA in the lead-up to the Oscars.  2010’s Best Actress Winner was Sandra
Bullock.  The transiting North
Node, symbolic of evolutionary possibilities and exciting opportunities, was on
the Midheaven, the angle of career.
Astrologer Celeste Teal describes the North Node transit to the Midheaven
as “usually a very positive transit for career recognition, an increase of
status, and renewed ambitions of a worldly sort.”

had a client whose Jupiter was exactly transiting his Descendent, the point of
partnership, in Portland, OR.  But
Jupiter had not yet reached the point in any other part of the United States.  During the two weeks of exact
conjunction, he reconnected with a female friend from Portland, where his Venus
is rising.  Upon this meeting, they
fell in love and decided to journey together to Indonesia.  Jupiter rules all foreign travel and so
Jupiter touching his Descendent in Portland delivered a beloved to travel the
world with.

is another example on how CCG reveals what birthchart analyses cannot.  In 2005, I went home to the Bay Area to
take care of my father, who was recovering from reconstructive knee surgery.  At this time, Saturn was on the IC, the
roots of the chart in California.
Saturn rules both the joints and the patrilineal line, while the IC or
fourth house rules the family.

first night I was back home, I was running in sandals and slipped.  I woke up that night in excruciating
pain and needed to be taken to the emergency room.  A discovery that I broke my foot.  I had gone home to take care of my father’s Saturnian joint
surgery, and ended up breaking my foot — all bones are ruled by Saturn.  This then delayed my leaving; Saturn always brings obstacles, blockages,
and temporal delays to our goals.

– Life Review, Life Preview, and Empowered Self-Awareness

might argue that this the techniques of Relocation Astrology encompass an
overly left-brained approach to life, or it’s a way of trying to play God with
your fate or not trusting your instincts.

of us have an intuitive hit about where our souls can develop to their fullest
potential.  I would argue that
instinct coupled with intellect presents a more clear picture for making wise
decisions and more efficiently activating our creative gifts of service to the
planet.   Just as I am a firm
believer that the sooner a parent or educator can apply the astrological
blueprint to a child’s upbringing, the sooner that child can realize the
fullness of his/her potential, I also believe that we are given this celestial
language in order to harmonize with this special incarnation.  With a more empowered sense of
self-confidence through self-awareness, we may awaken to our magic and face our
challenges prepared and ready.

with the entirety of the astrological language, I and many others, wish we had
this empowering tool to guide us at a much earlier age.  Astrolocality further emphasizes this
point.  When I review my life and
am able to understand that I was undergoing a certain initiatory journey from
one of the planets, or that a particular psychological intelligence within me
dominated my sphere of reality in a given place and at a given time, I am able
to cultivate an appropriate relationship to my lived experiences.  In retrospect, this helps me gain
compassion and empathy for myself in my journeys.  And with foresight and strategy, it gives me tools to seek
out those locations and the travel timeframes which can best support my
intentions as they shift over the years.

astrologer and radio host Caroline Casey says, “We use astrology because it

so it is.

so it shall be.

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