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The Green State of Ecuador

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The Pachamama Alliance (also known as known as Fundancion Pachamama) has created a Green Plan to make Ecuador an environment state committed to following a “sustainable development model that responds more coherently to the country’s rich biological and cultural diversity.” The Pachamama Alliance—which gets its name from the Quechua word for “Earth Mother”—is working with federal lawmakers, non-governmental organizations, and assorted grassroots movements to galvanize support for its fundamental goals: indigenous land rights, respect for biodiversity, socio-economic alternatives to petroleum extraction, and guaranteed rights for Mother Nature Herself.

Ecuadorians have recently elected a Constitutional Assembly charged with creating a new framework for the federal government. With key endorsements for the Green Plan by such influential figures as President Rafael Correa, the Pachamama Alliance and its supporters look forward to seeing vital ecological values enshrined in the very charter of the nation.

Photos by 00riai Hartman and conFU5ion used via Creative Commons license.

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