Halfway Between Hope & Hopelessness

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In this playful clip from the film, "Prague Gnosis", Ram Dass and the late Terence McKenna have a conversation about the evolution of consciousness, psychedelic revelations, the future as an "archaic recursion", the "lineage of miracles" and the benefits of existing between hope and hopelessness.

You can be a part of this ongoing "multiphrenic" discussion and talk directly to Ram Dass through his upcoming live, video salon, "Being Here Now", presented by GreatMystery.org and Evolver Intensives.  The course will be held on four Sunday sessions from February 19th and March 11th.  Please click on this link to learn more and to register for this unique opportunity to connect with one of the foremost visionaries of our time and his special guests:



Ram Dass & Terence McKenna





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