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Seismologists have discovered the existence of strange, delicate vibrations circling the earth in the shape of giant bells. These recently discovered “Love waves,” named after the British mathematician Augustus Edward Hough Love, are likely caused by the subtle oscillations of the elemental forces of wind, ocean, and sun. Discovery News reports that the vibrations consist of two-minute to five-minute, side-to-side seismic surface waves.

“It’s as if the planet is dancing the twist,” says Dr. Rudolf Widmer-Schnidrig of the Black Forest Observatory in Wolfach, Germany. Widmer-Schnidrig marvels at the infinitesimal amount of energy required to supply the Love wave — the power required by ten light bulbs is sufficient to move the surface of the Earth a millionth of a meter every few minutes.

Photos by blueraine_tigerseye and TheAlieness used vis creative commons flickr license.

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