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In This Week in Tech, Amber Case headlines at SXSW, the Peter Joseph at TED
Ojai video finally goes up, the continued militarization of robots and AI, Quantic
Dream reveals 'Kara', mechanical engineers tackle design and motion in
nature, and Old Maps Online is launched.

    • Amber Case headlines SXSW with Cyborg Anthropology and Geoloqi (SXSW)
    • Peter
      Joseph talks The Big Question: Environmental Misalignment and the Value
      War during the Ojai TED.  "Am I the only one laughing at the fact that
      there's this fictional notion of debt that's like dominos knocking down
      countries one by one?" (TED/Youtube)
    • Startram train rocket will blast passengers into low earth orbit.  (io9)
    • The hazards of a militarized Artificial Intelligence. (MSNBC)
    • Cute Quadrotor robotic helicopters will not be your friend. (Slate)
    • DARPA and Boston Dynamics 'cheetah' breaks land-speed record for legged robot. (Youtube)
    • A new theory of everything from Duke University mechanical engineer tackles design in nature (Studio 360)
    • The consistently powerful writers and designers at Quantic Dream reveal 'Kara' (Youtube)
    • Authors of "The Shroud" rap on science and spirituality to transform the world. (HuffPo)
    • Old Maps Online launched – a massive compendium of historical maps (Old Maps Online)
    • The amusing Game Mechanic of the Day website (Tumblr)



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