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This Week in Tech includes Dr. James S Gates in an NPR interview, Rachel Marone talking about biohacking, the art of video games,
Occupy vs iris scans, cyberspy bases, and planets moving at the speed of

  • Interview with Dr. James S. Gates who thinks he may have found computer-like Matrix codes in string theory equations, the telepathic nature of mathematics, and the power of naming  (NPR)
  • Being Human 2012 event explores "fresh insights from science and philosophy" (BeingHuman)
  • Smart fabrics harvest and output energy (SingularityWeblog)
  • Did psychedelics spark the computer revolution? (Guardian)
  • Smithsonian declares video games to be art (Gawker)
  • Sleep found to be effective way to retain information (Notre Dame News)
  • Using virtual worlds to 'soft control' people's movements in the real one (Science Daily)
  • Rachel Marone talks biohacking humans in 'Becoming Ourselves' (Rachel Marone) 
  • The history of the universe in 10 minutes (Youtube)
  • Occupy arrests faced with biometeric iris scans (Village Voice)
  • Hebrew University to publish Einstein's complete archive online (Guardian)
  • Cashless currency becomes popular in Greece (Guardian)
  • Futurist Thomas Frey talks: When death becomes optional (World Future Society)
  • Cylon War to rage on Syfy (io9)
  • Pentagon creating new-generation cyberweapon that can knock out networks that aren't even connected to the Internet (RT)
  • Technological weponization of Homeland Security totally out of control (Alternet)
  • According to researchers, ancient Builders created monumental structures that altered sound and mind (Popular Archaeology)
  • Fascinating episodic documentary on post-Fukushima Japan: WE ARE ALL RADIOACTIVE (Indiegogo)
  • Runaway planets fly through the cosmos at nearly the speed of light  (Physorg)
  • James Bamford's popular Wired article on NSA's new massive spying complex (Wired)
  • Big Think's follow up: NSA building Skynet in the desert, now what? (Big Think)
  • Nichole Daedone explores OM – Orgasmic Meditation at TEDx (TED/Youtube)
  • Will your house be underwater by 2100? (io9)
  • University of Berkley student invents ChronoZoom, an augmented multimedia timeline (Berkley/Youtube)
  • 51% of all total online traffic is non-human (Singularity Hub)
  • Body hacking with a magnet in your finger (Gizmodo)
  • Rashid Kashani talks about the dark side of virtual worlds (Facebook Video)
  • Climate tech fixes to fix Arctic methane  (BBC)
  • Living cells printed from a standard Inkjet printer (Science Daily)
  • Anarcho-Transhumanisn #1: Feminism + Queering All the Things (Zine Library)
  • Nokia patents haptic feedback tattoo (Wired)
  • Flying torrent severs to save The Pirate Bay (Torrent Freak)
  • Making water out of thin air (Singularity Weblog)


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