You Say You Want an Evolution

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When you support the Evolver Social Movement (E+SM), you play an integral role in accelerating a planetary transformation by spreading a new awareness of our collective, creative potential. E+SM provides a voluntary infrastructure for 40+ local communities around the world who come together in live events. E+SM raises consciousness and proposes practical solutions to the problems we face in areas that include ecological design, bioremediation, currency, agriculture, psychology, health, and the media.

Our vision is bold: As we cooperate to supersede outmoded beliefs and institutions, we will build a thriving, peaceful world that satisfies our inherent desire for justice and beauty. While many feel fearful or pessimistic about the future, we propose that humanity stands on the cusp of a global renaissance as we meld the technical genius of the mind with the intuitive wisdom of the heart. We believe that the time is now for humanity to overcome the inertia of the past and realize our highest potential.

2012 is the end of the 5,125 year long count calendar of the classic Maya. With one of the warmest winters on record, civil unrest spreading across the planet, continuing corporate assault on the environment, and a resurgence of the Occupy movement despite government crackdowns, this year represents an extraordinary threshold of awakening and transformation. Unlike any other organization in the world, E+SM meshes a realization of the multidimensional nature of the psyche with a design science approach to solving the social, economic, and environmental crises we face as a species.

We are delighted to announce that E+SM is now a non-profit initiative, which means the contributions of all new members are tax deductible. (If you already are an E+SM contributor, you can switch over to our new non-profit program by clicking the “join” box.) Through your support, we build our volunteer network, start new communities, and further our ongoing initiatives.

While anyone can be an integral part of E+SM by contributing their time, passion, and energy, we do need financial support from those who can afford it. E+SM supporters receive discounts to Evolver Intensive webinars, retreats, and other programs produced by, Reality Sandwich, and affiliated partners.  We are also giving an Evolver Music Mix download (featuring Nadis Warriors, Tipper, Thievery Corporation, and more) to supporters of this evolution. For our spring drive, we are seeking 333 pioneers inspired to help the new planetary culture flourish and spread.

We hope you will be inspired by what you find here, and contribute generously to the Evolver Social Movement, an initiative for planetary transformation that reflects your values and ideals.

Enjoy the Transformation!

With love,

Daniel & Talat

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