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This Week in Tech includes physicist and food activist Vandana Shiva discussing local and ecological food models, Venus Project releases the documentary Paradise or Oblivion, Sheldrake and Fenwick on dogmatism in science, Bucky Fuller makes a comeback, AKIRA creator to return to long-form manga, wave-particle duality gets bigger and bigger, Deepak Chopa and others discuss the Hard Problem of consciousness, 10 billion habitable planets and much more. 

  • Interview with physicist, food activist, and thinker Vandana Shiva on local and ecological food models (TheHour/Youtube)
  • AKIRA creator to reform to long form manga (ComicsAlliance
  • Venus Project's documentary Paradise or Oblivion is released (TVP/Youtube)
  • Rupert Sheldrake and Peter Fenwick discuss dogmatism in science (SubversiveThinking)
  • Buckminster Fuller makes a comeback (NYTimes)
  • The mighty mathematician you never heard of: Amalie Noether (NYTimes)
  • Monsanto voted biggest "Corporate Fool" with the worst business practices for 2012 (MarketWatch)
  • Wave-particle duality gets bigger and bigger (Wired)
  • Deepak Chopra and others discuss why you are not your brain (HuffPo)
  • Pennsylvania doctors gagged on revealing the true cost of fracking (Grist)
  • Japan in uproar over censorship of Emperor's anti-nuclear speech (TheAtlantic
  • 3 New Studies link bee decline to Bayer Pesticide (MotherJones)
  • Lawsuit seeks to end TSA's full-body scanners due to safety concerns (MotherJones) 
  • Darth Vader's helmet hidden on national cathedral (io9)
  • Psychologists report advances in animal self-reflection (PhysOrg)
  • 10s of billions of habitable planets likely in our galaxy (TruthTheory)
  • Psychologists explore Buddhist approach to low self-esteem (Alternet)
  • DoD wants the Internet back (Disinfo)
  • Professor James Magrini talks on culture and nihilism (EyelessOwl)
  • New findings cast doubt on moon origin (ScienceMag)
  • Researchers uncover 8,000 years of hidden human history (io9)
  • 5 ways modern men are trained to hate women (Cracked)
  • Possible genetic link between human inner speech, schizophrenia and altruism (ScienceDirect)
  • Strawberry Frappuccino pink thanks to bugs (DailyMail)
  • Robot recognizes itself in a mirror. Remarks, "Oh. This is me. Nice" (NewScientist)
  • MIT unveils 3D solar arrays, producing 20 times more power (Inhabitat)
  • Mathematician and pattern master wins million dollar mathematics prize (NewScientist)
  • What if DNA tells only part of our story? (TechnologyReview)
  • Stalking Women app and Facebook privacy (CultofMac)
  • Ex-CIA goes public on Twitter (Disinfo)
  • Orgasms keeps the doctor away (Mamiverse)
  • Japanese CCTV camera scans 36 million faces per second (DailyMail)
  • The Particle Zoo!  Subatomic plush toys from the standard model of physics and beyond (TPZ)
  • Owner of PA natural gas facility that exploded has lengthy record of pipeline safety violations (NaturalGasWatch)
  • FDA deletes 1 million signatures for GMO labeling campaign (NaturalSociety)
  • Hameed Ali discuss the nature of time (ScienceAndNonduality/Youtube)
  • 'One Sense' headphones block out the world (TheVerge)
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