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Reality Sandwich and Evolver are now a'Tumblin!  We launched our new RS Tumblr and we'll be spending the next few months experimenting our way through the tumblrsphere. 

Over the last few years the Tumblr community has proven itself to be a pretty cringe-resistant, avant-garde sewing circle of the fearlessly weird.  Fun, expression, creativity, customization, conversation, and mayhem seem to define the locals and the neighborhood.  Indeed, if Facebook is a high school cafeteria, Tumblr is rumspringa.  Joining the Tumblrverse is something RS is giddy about and we hope we'll fit in like a narc at a NORML convention.

You can start following us here Reality Sandwich Magazine and Evolver.  Expect regular updates of art, text, music, videos, fashion, psychedelia, news, DIY and all other kinds of groovy things.

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