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My friend and fellow Sync Book author Kevin Halcott's band, It's Not Night: It's Space is offering the Reality Sandwich community a free MP3 of their fiercely mystical music.  If you like what you hear, please consider making a donation to their Kickstarter effort to raise money to produce their first full length album.

Here's a description of INNIS:

"It's Not Night: It's Space is a band on a mission, and that mission is quite complex and multifaceted. Of course, like many bands, they are on a mission to friggin' rock, and in that mission, they succeed. Dense stoner tones coat the wordless psychedelic tapestries found on their EP, but during their live shows things get even more intense as video projections and sound samples from the likes of Terence McKenna and Rod Serling melt the room away and bring the audience elsewhere. Their songs embark listeners on a journey, and the band isn't afraid to cut paths through darker territories, which is maybe where the mission gets more complex: with the process of path-finding.

The lack of lyrics allow/force the three friends to pour their deepest selves into the music. Their personal interests in mysticism, poetry, philosophy, esoterica, and altered states permeate and fortify their rich celestial sounds. The paths they cut seem to be in search of some deeper/truer reality beyond the veil. That very idea is embodied in their name alone: What cultural baggage is carried by the word "Night" and how would calling it "Space" change who we are?"

If you'd like to help It's Not Night: It's Space, visit their Kickstarter page here. There's also a chance to catch them live before the campaign ends. They will be at XPO 929 in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday June 9th.

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