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School is out, summer is here and it's
time for your edge-ucation to begin. The June 2012 Pass gives you
unlimited access to all three Evolver Intensives' series taking place in
June 2012 at a significant savings. Explore our offerings at your
leisure — each live session will be available as a high-definition video
archive recording. Your pass includes: Suzanne Taylor's exploration of crop circles and related phenomenon, a special discussion about visionary art with Daniel Pinchbeck and Alex Grey, and Mitch Schultz's exploration of how we can use the art of the remix to hack consensus reality and create new mythologies.

The June 2012 Pass gets you in to all Evolver Intensives' series taking place in June 2012 as well as
unlimited access to all archives. With the Pass you save $50 savings over purchasing the courses separately. Feel free to dip in and out of our
various offerings this month — with the knowledge that you can always
log-in at any time to watch the high-definition archive recording of
each live, video session should you miss one. The pass includes all
sessions of Suzanne Taylor's "Doorways to Another Reality," the special discussion with Daniel Pinchbeck and Alex Grey on the theme, "The Mission of Visionary Art in This Time of Transformation," and Mitch Schultz's "DMT RMX,"

Sign up for the June 2012 Pass Here

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