Talking with the Vegetable World

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That we should re-open and explore a full palate of diplomatic talks with the vegetable world is not a novel stance to the Reality Sandwich community – it's the mode of communication we debate.

As post-post-modern homo sapiens frantically re-integrate with the green from which green currency arises, distinguished ambassador to the mundi vegetal Daniel Chamowitz reports back to the mothership his "objective scientific" findings from the chlorophyll-heads, like Jane Goodall returning from a stint with the chimps.

How sophisticated is plant-to-plant communication technology? In his new book What a Plant Knows: A Field Guide to the Senses, Chamowitz humbly offers to add complexity and sophistication to our understanding of vegetable intelligence/awareness/consciousness. The secret lives of plants, at least for a moment, don't seem so numinously clandestine.

Read Chamowitz's moderately in-depth interview with Scientific American here.


Photo by Emory Mort, Maui 2011

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