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In reponse to the Canal Istanbul project, NYC based designer, Dror, created HavAdda Island, a cybernetic-eco island whose innovative design is breaking heads open by pushing the practices of urban planning and architecture to utopic limits.

This project is a response to the times: the ecological challenges we face, mass urban migration, global density, economical globilization, and the rest. Dror believes "it is neccessary for us to re-visit our urban life stlye." His visionary design is the groundwork for a "new urban," where forward-thinking living environments and social-co-habitation sites are seamlessly woven. HavAdda island represents a new way of living fully integrated with the direct, natural environment.

Also a semi-finalist in the Buckminster Fuller Design contest, HavAdda island integrates principles of sacred geometry with renewable energy systems. It offers a net-positive urban model that will produce more energy than is consumed and thus sets the ground for a truly thriving community.

HavAdda is a green island made of 6 hills of different sizes circling the downtown center of the land (using the principles of the holy numbers, 6+1=7). Each hill rests upon a mega structural sphere that supports the residences on the hillsides, and a community life at the center which is equidistant from each hill. The hills are really geodesic domes, each with a living-roof that's porous and transluscent, allowing the dome/hill to mesh with the natural environment, and also contributing to the constant energy recycling that each hill undergoes.  

The entire island is based on principles from ancient and unviersal models of the energy reparition systems of the human body. Each hill represents a chakra, and thus houses an activity centre with a corresponding area of focus: education, creativity, physical/ heatlh, entertainment, business, and the marketplace (central).

This revolutionary design is indeed porn for Bucky lovers, tree-huggers, architects and designers. Enough said – the video of the project speaks for itself.

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