Green the Screen!

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The production of a movie is a massive beast that consumes
endless resources at rapid rates; it takes a lot to assemble and even more to
maintain. The carbon footprint of any movie leaves an indent that is hard to
refill.  If production companies were to apply some of the ingenuity
used to create their stories to environmentally friendlier practices maybe the
influence can inspire other complex businesses to follow their leads. The
entertainment business can influence an environmental consciousness movement.

Director James Cameron is pioneering a way to a greener
 with the choices he is making in the production of the next sequels of
his hit Avatar.  Pushing for a carbon neutral production, he chose
the studio MBS Media Campus, which has a water conservation program, green
cleaning practices, and a number of sustainable catering programs for its

Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment production company leaped
forward even further towards a carbon neutral production by dishing out funds
to support a $5million solar improvement project created by Stellar Energy that
consist of 3,692 solar modules plus inverters. The improvements will produce
enough electricity to power up the offices in the studio and sound stages. The
company also plans to use profits from the trilogy to benefit environmental

“The Avatar sequels are a great opportunity to show how we,
as a production company, can make clean green solar energy as we go. Going into
Avatar 2 and 3, we are going to be able to produce enough solar energy to
handle the entire electrical demand for our computers and performance capture
systems here at MBS Media Campus.  We
have to do this for the future, for our children, and as a moral responsibility
to the planet.” said Cameron.

A newly converted vegetarian at the ripe age 58, James
Cameron has had a green awakening.

Image by david.nikonvscanon, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing. 



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