News from Nightlight Astrology

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Thanks to community support from Evolver and RealitySandwich over the past two and a half years, the Nightlight Astrology School has just this week accomplished one of our first big visions. This month of November we've begun offering a schedule of Free Student Readings out of our classrooms! Each month clients who are unable to afford astrology readings can check out our "Free Student Readings" tab on the website to sign up for a classroom based astrology reading.

During these classroom sessions clients will receive an astrology reading from one of our teaching staff or practicum students. This is just one of the ways Nightlight hopes to continue offering astrology readings and education to people at affordable or free rates! You can check it out by visiting our website:

Nightlight is also proud to announce the opening of our 5th annual one year certification program. Our new one year astrologer's training course begins Sunday November 25th, under the orb of the Mayan Calendar end date, and lasts for an entire year of community gathering and archetypal astrology study! For more information check out the "Training Program" tab on the website!

Last but not least, Nightlight recently hosted an Astro Storm Panel with Electric Jesus Author Jonathan Talat Phillips, astrologer Rebecca Gordon, and Planet Waves Astro Journalist Eric Francis. We were proud to host over 100 people for a panel that covered everything from the astrology of the super storm to the astrology of the conspiracy of the super storm, to the 4 elements and the full moon, to politics and the upcoming Mercury Retrograde on election day! If you would like an MP3 copy of this awesome panel, then please visit our website and click the "donate" tab. We are asking for $5 donations for the MP3, and all of the funds from the sales of the audio will go directly to the Humane Society's animal rescue efforts post Hurricane Sandy!

From all of us at Nightlight Astrology to you and yours, have a wonderful November! 


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