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FYI, Evolver and RS comrades! Along with our podcast, we've launched a new YouTube time-sink: EvolverNetTV. Take a gander at our two new playlists: one on sacred geometry, including but not limited to Pythagoras, Pi, The Flower of Life, and fractals, and one on sex, love, and sensuality, in which we've assembled a collection of videos in the spirit of eros, understanding, love, and fun.

EvolverNetTV is new and blossoming. We've been cruising the post-televisual media sphere for astounding, deep, unusual, and generally bomb Other-oriented A/V content. We have about 350 videos from all over the Tube, and we'll be amassing these playlists with some regularity. We'll also be uploading our own original, fresh content, so keep checking back!

Image by playful.geometer, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing. 

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