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Eco Friendly Online Marketplace

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Eco Market is a new and innovative online marketplace devoted to ethical shopping. The website features products that are made with environmental awareness and has been described as "Etsy for Eco."
Eco Market launched in October 2010 and features sellers across the world, with thousands of products ranging from Fairtrade coffee, to handmade natural soap, to up-cycled shirts.
The website simplifies the process of shopping ethically by defining each product's ethical credentials and certificates. Shoppers can also learn more about each seller by interacting with them on Eco Market's built-in social network.
Eco Market features products that comply with ecological and natural causes such as energy efficiency, veganism, bio degradability, and fair trade. Available items can be browsed by a wide variety of eco-aware causal filters so that a shopper can quickly find a product to match their environmental concerns.
Treehugger explains "Co-founders Liam Patterson and Jason Dainter are two young gents from Leeds University that started Eco Market to help bring attention to the types of business owners you might find at your local farmers market. Today, the marketplace features more than 10,000 products from 1,600 sellers."
In a press release, Patterson said, "People looking to buy eco-friendly and natural products are often just as interested in the stories behind the products. Who made it? What from and why? These questions were previously difficult to answer when buying online, where shopping can often be a very impersonal transaction."
This is an inspiring development for shoppers who are concerned about how the products they purchase may affect our environment. With a wide range of products on Eco Market, it is certainly worth a look, and may help heal our environment.

Image by joiseyshowaa, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

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