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How to Occupy the Noosphere

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Standing on stage with the notorious Guy Fawkes mask, filmmaker and speaker Ian Mackenzie delivers a powerful message at TEDx Victoria. “This is not revolution,” he says, “this is metamorphosis.” Ian introduces the concept of the noosphere, “the sphere of human thought that shapes the world.” Comparing maps of neuronal connections in a single brain with the web of memetic influences over the whole internet, he tells us that “there is a war going on,” and it’s a war fought with memes. The field of battle: the noosphere.

He offers a single “mind-bomb,” delivered to the front lines. “Now is the time,” he says, please watch to find out why:

“We are not a mistake. Life wanted humans in the world. While this moment was inevitable, our survival is not. You are here for a reason: the very fact of your existence is proof enough. You have a necessary and important gift to offer the world. Now is the time to be courageous. Now is the time to offer your gifts in service. Follow your bliss, yes, but follow your fear, your uncertainty, your heartbreak.”

“This is the emergence. Love is the mind-bomb.”

Read the full transcript here.

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