Could A “Consciousness App” Change The World?

Collective Consciousness
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A new collaboration between Global Consciousness Project researchers and psi phenomena experts, the free Consciousness App (check out their Indiegogo campaign) is poised to forever change the way we relate to the world and each other.

“Even though we don’t fully understand the process of how mind-matter interaction works, we think we know enough about it now to develop the first examples of a radically new kind of technology. A technology that directly harnesses this deep connection between consciousness and physical reality.”

The work of a crack team of advisors – including Dean Radin (of The Institute of Noetic Sciences), Robert Jahn & Brenda Dunne (of the legendary Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab), and Larry Dossey (author of The Power of Premonitions) – the app turns your smartphone into a Random Number Generator (RNG), calculates the non-randomness of your bitstream as a measure of your mind’s potential influence on matter, and maps everyone’s data to generate real-time maps of coherent psychic phenomena – launching a new crowdsourced psychic meteorology we could use to predict significant cultural events and other “disturbances in the Force.”

The app also features a social network to connect you with other consciousness enthusiasts, and sends users push notifications when spikes are detected in your local RNG data – which could alert you to impending events in the field of collective consciousness.

Check out the screen shots below and learn more at their Indiegogo Campaign

And join me for a live webcast conversation with project director Adam Curry on my Youtube channel this Thursday, 23 January, at 6 pm PST (9 pm EST)!  More details at the FB event page.

Personal RNG Data:

Collective RNG Data:

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