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Glenn McDonald at Omni Reboot tells us why “Her” is more than just a movie about a man falling in love with his computer. “Her” is not just for Singularity buffs, but questions our infatuation with machines:

In the manner of so much thoughtful speculative fiction, the main story is actually something of a misdirection. The movie’s middle passages, in particular, use this love story of tomorrow to talk about what’s happening today. Whatever Samantha’s true nature or capability for love, Theo’s relationship with his machines is not healthy. He is plugged in constantly. When he’s not working (dictating love letters to a computer, remember), he’s playing video games or wandering L.A. in deep discussion with Samantha. In one funny scene, Samantha and Theo’s holographic video game character (director Jonze in a vocal cameo) discuss Theo as if he isn’t even in the room. Also watch the corners of the frame. Several times, in his nocturnal wanderings, Theo passes the same storefront display of partially assembled mannequins suspended by wires. They’re not all there, and neither is Theo.

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