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Sandbox of the Gods, weather modification

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Our environment, in flux, and always adapting to new stimuli, has and will continue to adjust to resolve issues that cause it to become out of balance. Humanity’s influence is being overstated. The corrective measures being implicated as measures to “readjust” this imbalance are nothing more than attempts to control large groups of humans to lifestyles that suit the purposes of a group that believes they know better than we, how our lives should play out here on planet earth.

Do not misinterpret my words as being an excuse to poison this precious sphere with poisons, and chemicals. I love nature. I also respect it. The huge powers that nature has at it’s disposal are such that they overshadow that of humanity by far. Just think of a simple thing such as rain. Rain is a fact of life, sometimes it will fall, no matter where you live, just in varying degrees and frequencies. If you took a gallon bucket, on a warm clear day and went outside to see how much coverage it would do to say a street or sidewalk, well it would cover a sizeable amount, but not really very much. Then think of how many buckets of rain it takes to make wet a whole city. How many a whole county? How many an entire state or country? Just to get it wet mind you, nothing more. Imagine how much water it takes to cause a real sustained downpour, enough to lead to localized flooding. that is countless buckets.

According to the National Weather Service, over the 30 year average, floods kill more people than Lightning, Hurricanes, or Tornados.

In “Weather Modification programs problems policy and potential”  A study commissioned by Howard W. Cannon chairman for the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation in 1978, it said, “Weather modification although a relatively young science, has over the years stimulated a great interest within the scientific, commercial, governmental, and agricultural communities. Such responses are readily understandable. Weather related disasters and hazards affect virtually all Americans, and annually cause untold human suffering and loss of life and result in Billions of dollars of economic loss to crops and other property. While weather modification projects have been operational for nearly 25 years, and have been shown to have significant potential for preventing, diverting, or moderating or ameliorating the adverse effects of such weather related disasters and hazards, I am greatly concerned regarding the lack of a coordinated Federal weather modification policy and a comprehensive program for weather modification research and development.” James B Pearson U.S. Senator said in the letter requesting the study.

When playing in the sandbox of the gods, the outcome may not be to your liking. Weather modification is and has been going on for some time.


Advancing the international governance of solar geoengineering

The Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI) is an international NGO-driven project that seeks to promote the good governance of solar radiation management (SRM), one form of geoengineering. SRMGI is neither in favour of, nor against, SRM geoengineering and research, since it is impossible to tell at this stage whether the technology will be helpful or harmful. SRM is a controversial issue that has potentially serious global implications, and SRMGI believes that multi-stakeholder discussions, alongside international network building, will strengthen humanity’s ability to handle the issue.

SRMGI is engaging with a wide variety of experts and organisations from across the globe to expand discussions of SRM. It has a particular focus on bringing in perspectives from the developing world and emerging economies, as early discussions of SRM have so far been dominated by experts from developed countries. In partnership with local NGOs, SRMGI has organised workshops in Asia (India, China and Pakistan), and in Africa (Senegal, South Africa and Ethiopia). As well as expanding the conversation geographically, it is also seeking input from a wide range of disciplines including natural and social science, governance, law, environment, and development.


What is SRMGI?

The SRM Research Governance Initiative (SRMGI) was convened by a partnership of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), the Royal Society, and TWAS, the world academy of sciences. The project was launched in March 2010 in response to the 2009 Royal Society report Geoengineering the climate. That report concluded that geoengineering is not an alternative to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but that it might be the only option to reduce rising global temperatures quickly. It emphasised the importance of good governance, and the need for international partners to work together on this matter.

International scientific studies are being done, and we ALL are in their petri dish. Global Climate Change is something that is being discussed in the media as a forgone conclusion that it is we who are causing it, but I believe they have mistaken who the WE are.

Ice ages are long lasting and powerful events that would, and could kill off a huge majority of humanity on this planet in short order. To alter the earth and it’s ability to be warmed by the sun through introducing reflective elements into our upper atmosphere is to play in that sandbox of the gods. Once a point is reached where the weather starts generating cooling, and the poles grow, and reflect more light away from the planet, nothing we could do would stop it.

Awareness is our only option to combat this policy of internationally toying with our planet.


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