Signs of Life – Windbridge Institue Co-Founders on the Message of Mediumship

Windbridge Institute
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The question of survival after physical death is one of the most intriguing areas that science has attempted to investigate. For more than a century this has been one of the most contentious areas of parapsychological inquiry, yet the centrality of the question to our existence has allowed scientists to discover amazing insights into the human experience. 

 In January Windbridge Institute Co-founders Julie Beischel, PhD, and Mark Boccuzzi  joined the Forever Family Foundation’s Bob and Phran Ginsberg in conversation about their wide ranging research into the phenomena of mediumship, discussing what they have discovered, what questions remain and how this research into the possibilities of life after death can add to our understanding of what it means to be alive.  

To listen to an Mp3 of the interview Click  Here!


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