Pupils at St Peter’s School get to see their designs brought to life

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School children love getting stuck into art projects. It can really bring out their creative sides and, depending on the type of art involved, these sessions can involve plenty of interaction and teamwork.

It is no surprise then that many schools across the UK and elsewhere around the world make the most of craft mosaic tiles. These small, colourful items can be put together to create impressive results that pupils are able to take great pride in.

Case in point

One institution that is well aware of the potential of mosaic craft tiles is St Peter’s School in St Albans. Recently, children there took part in a project to create new mosaics. The artworks are now on show at the city’s Abbey Station.

In total, seven creations were unveiled at the station. Each of the pieces was designed by Year 5 students with help from local mosaic artist Jane Visick. The project was run in partnership with Groundwork Hertfordshire, which is a green community charity funded by the Community Rail Partnership.


Commenting on the initiative, teacher at the school Mr Walter said: “It has been fantastic for the children to be able to give something to the community, especially something with such longevity. In years to come, they’ll be able to say ‘I did that’.

“The mosaics definitely liven the place up and add colour and excitement to the station. The children loved working on them and were really excited to come and see them being unveiled. It’s been a real ‘wow’ moment.”


The mosaics were created over two days of workshops. The youngsters used their imaginations to generate designs and then had access to tiles to make these ideas a reality, with a little help from Ms Visick.

Talking about the project, she said: “I’ve really enjoyed this project. The children were delightful to work with and were very talented. My favourite part was watching them create the designs – they were so focussed and productive. It was hard to decide which of their designs to use so I ended up incorporating ten designs into the seven mosaics.”


Meanwhile, Groundwork’s Philippa Statter added: “The initial artwork by the St Peter’s pupils was outstanding. Jane introduced the children to the detailed work of mosaics and incorporated their designs to create the final pieces, which reflect the extensive history of St Albans.”

Also enthusing about the initiative, Councillor Terry Douris, chairman of the Community Rail Partnership, said the organisation is “delighted” that local students have created this artwork. He suggested that the pieces will add interest for those using the train station and went on to note that the pupils will be “justifiably proud” of their efforts.


Schools that are looking for inspiration in terms of art projects may look to this example in St Albans with interest. As well as helping young artists to express themselves, initiatives like this can really enhance community relationships.

Meanwhile, getting hold of supplies like mosaic tiles is now easier than ever. By heading online, people can take their pick from an impressive selection of items.

Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who has written extensively on the subject of school crafts for a range of top websites, including Hobby Island.

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