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Nightlight Horoscope of the Day 7.29.2014

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The Moon is in Virgo today, highlighting our love/hate relationship with daily work, work behind the scenes, the work you love doing for its own sake, the path of discipleship, committed to the small things, food journals, calorie counting, obsessive self criticism, purification, cleaning the dirty corners, never quite good enough and loving it, never quite good enough and hating it. Secret wings and an eye for the fires of heaven…oh divinely discontented Virgo, you make chop wood carry water look sexy on your good days and like ancient slavery on the bad.

In the meantime Venus is applying to square Uranus (who has just turned retrograde). Let’s talk about the way ideas work on us over time. When a new idea comes firing into our lives we generally have a strong reaction. The reactionary response goes along with the fact that strong new ideas tend to come suddenly, striking down like lightning. Our response is just as strong. Our response might be positive or negative. A new idea lights up our lives and we react in the negative, “I’m appalled, absolutely not, that’s disgusting, that’s over the top, that’s not spiritual, that’s immoral, that’s selfish, that’s outlandish,” etc, etc. Sometimes our negative reaction goes on to shape a longer course of activity. We might get involved in a protest against something we don’t like….one day we hear about a particularly awful case of child abuse and suddenly we’re answering telephones at a volunteer hotline for the next five years. One day we hear a particular philosophy and for the rest of our lives we are quite often coming back to our dislike or disdain for the philosophy. I remember a college professor of sociology who had started disliking capitalism as a college student and by all accounts the fire was still burning strong in her 60’s. Her entire career was shaped around her work “against” the ideas of capitalism…which had seized her mind clearly at age 20.

Other times we respond in the positive. THAT idea is IT. That philosophy, that point of view, that style, that sound, that vibe, that group, that experience, THAT is the most exciting thing I’ve ever heard. We are instantly invigorated to join the cause of an idea that grabs our heart and soul. I remember my first night drinking ayahuasca in the Amazon ten years ago…in the morning I knew my life was forever changed, and I knew that I had found an idea, a fantasy, a realm, an experience, that I wanted nothing more than to dive into fully.

If we stopped here, though, it wouldn’t be enough. Because ideas, no matter how flashy and fast appearing in our lives, no matter if our reaction is negative or positive, will continue to work in us, through us, and eventually out of us over time (whether it’s in this lifetime or some other lifetime, who knows!).

Often with the planet Uranus an idea that first strikes us in the negative eventually becomes revolutionary specifically because at some future point it strikes again but this time our response is positive.

A few examples…a few years ago someone told me that maybe working so frequently with psychedelic medicines wasn’t great for me. I was shocked and appalled because this person was someone close to me who knew how close the work was to my heart and soul. But then…over time, the idea continued to work on me. Then one day the idea struck me again, and this time my reaction was in the positive…it led me to take my first break from regular psychedelic “work” in a decade.

I think everyone knows something like this. Someone suggests a workout routine or someone suggests yoga or meditation. You hear it, you hate it, and then after a while it works on you and suddenly it strikes you as pure genius. Someone suggests you change your diet…stricter, or looser, doesn’t matter, but it’s something very different from what you’re doing….you love it, you jump all over it, it’s deliverance news from above! And then…one day…you realize you’re vehemently against veganism and all vegans, once troopers for the world soul, are now emotional Nazis in need of psychotherapy.

For better our worse, this is our relationship with Uranus. For Uranus to work in our lives, really work, we need to be ready to let go of our most cherished ideas and to rebel against our most fixed routines or dogmas and then possibly pick them up again in the future, full force.

Of course people will talk…people will say, “Gosh you’re just always onto something new. You’re always flip flopping with such intensity.” And the only answer that makes any sense is, “That’s correct. I need growth to be paradoxical or I will go bonkers.”

With Venus and Uranus squaring we might be singing a different song right now, much to the chagrin of people around us who have always known us as something completely opposed to what we’re currently doing. Hint: go with it and don’t try to rationalize it…everyone does it even if they say they don’t. Your soul friends are the ones who laugh at and roll with your most radical changes rather than asking for critical explanations!

Prayer: May our ideas work on us and may we never feel ashamed by our flip flopping.


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