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For nearly 20 years, Paul Selig has led channeled energy groups, developing his gifts as a clairaudient. He has channeled 3 remarkable books of teachings from his guides which, together, offer an extraordinary new work in the body of channeled teachings, helping readers to achieve new levels of healing, self-awareness and life purpose. The following is the unedited transcript of a channeled lecture delivered by Paul Selig in a workshop in New York City on September 20th, 2014.

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Now what do you believe? Why do you believe it? Why do you call these things groups? You’re a bunch of people having your lives and you come together to honor each other in your awakenings. You’re each awakening in your own way. You say yesterday, “May I be awake today?” Well, you’re here. Open your eyes, you’re wonderfully awake to your expression.

Your expression, we say, is how you are with each other in your world, in your agreements, in the things you choose. You are awake today as you have created yourselves thus far as expressed beings.

Now, when you stand here and you come before us and you say, “Help me, help me,” you don’t know what you’re really asking. “Help me get out of my fix, my marriage, my confusion.” But you cannot be helped until you say, “Yes I am.” “I am here. I am here. I am here,” which is your dominion. Understand this please. Your dominion happens in this moment as your awakened self is aligned to those aspects of your life that are asleep.

The awakened self seeks to bring up each aspect of the self to its own awareness, so your entire life may be lifted and supported in your awareness of who and what you are. The Divine as you has come to be sung, and the song is lovely but you hide yourselves, you hide your faces, “I am so ashamed of what I have done, of how I have known myself, of what I have believed. May I come to the alter as this damaged being and be known by you?”

We see you as you are in your beauty, in your love, and in your awakened selves. The Divine as you cannot be hidden from these eyes and these eyes, we say, will perceive you as you truly are.

Now, when you come here as you say, “May I?” we say, yes you may, and not only may you, we will say, “Yes, we wish you come forward, to be sung. As you sing your song, your beautiful song, you give permission to everyone else to sing theirs as well and the Divine as you who is here, who is here, who is here and cannot be anywhere else will be known by you as your true selves.”

The true self, we say, requires no merit, no degree, no happy marriage, perfect children and full bank account to know who and what she is. She could care less. Her well-being is not dependent on things of this realm. But she can attend to those needs and lift you, if you wish, to your own awareness of your right to change. So many of you come here with a wish, just one wish, “May I know myself in a new way?” If you say “yes” to that you will change everything, and we say everything will be changed when mankind knows who she is.

The dominion you hold has manifested thus far on this realm and you are the inheritors of much history and much history we say that was wrought in fear. The Divine as you who is here and present has a role to play in the reformation of the trajectory of this realm that is in change and must be changed as mankind comes into his next stage of development. The requirements for change, as you understand it, are not your bank accounts or your perfect children. The requirements for change are your own awareness of who and what you are and have always been, beyond the limitations that you have ascribed power to. Power, we say, is what you project onto any one thing to give it value. The degree is a piece of paper, the bank account is full of paper and the children are ugly anyway if you look closely, god bless their little selves. Not many pretty children there. So what? They are wonderful, always have been in truth, and you are as well.

The Divine as you who is here today is here to be witnessed by us in its evolution and the transition you will make as we attend to you individually will shift your vibration and the causal field you hold to acclimate you and each aspect of your life to the awakening you seek. Congruence, we say, is the key here. Congruence with the Divine Self that you speak to, “I am here. I am here. I am here,” that manifests and calls to her those aspects she requires to align herself in a higher vibration.

Those things you’ve claimed in fear and known yourself through in fear, manifested in fear or believed to be there because they were required by you in fear, must be manifested anew. You can no longer claim the history of this plane and believe yourselves to be invincible to the manifestations that you claim forth.

Now, when you call something to you in fear, you align to it fearfully – that is your congruence — and you call to it everything it ascribes itself to. The magnet of fear, if you wish, that you call to you claims those things that she believes she requires to call her safety to her – her degree, perhaps, or the life she thinks she should lead if she is to be perfect, or solvent, or happy, as was ascribed to her.

The manifestations of fear that you have all ascribed power to must be dismantled and remade in accord with your new truth. And the truth we are gifting you with today, “I am here, I am here, I am here,” will support you in transforming not only your lives but the plane you exist in.

Hear us now, if you wish. This is a test tube. This little laboratory you are in now with us is to partake in a great experiment – can mankind be fully realized in her incarnation as who and what she truly is? Can mankind be known to herself in her vibration at the highest octave that can be made manifest in the physical realm? Or will you always be pulled hither and yon depending on the winds or the climate or the dictates and changing fashions of your societies?

If you know who you are in your true selves and you begin to create from that aspect of you, the manifestations of mankind must change – they cannot be staying the same because the aspect of you that is the Creator cannot abide those choices that would be made in fear, in mandates, by societal dictates. “You should wear blue this time of year and white after that season is over.” “You should only do what you are told.”

If you see what he holds before him, it is a frame – you all have a frame – “I am so-and-so, here is where I live.” “This is what I think is important and this is who I am.” The “I am.” “I am small.” “I am fearful.” “I am always right, or never right, or confused, or in pain,” or whatever you claim for yourself, is what you know as an identity. The identity you hold calls to it to fill that frame everything she thinks she requires to be realized as that self. Do you understand this?

You are calling your lives to you. “I am the one who this-or-that,” collects all that stuff to prove that choice, that identity to be true.

Now, it may be true in some ways. You may live in such and such a place at the moment. You may believe yourself to be this or that at this moment, but these are transitional choices. The eternal you, the Divine as you, the aspect of the Creator that is manifested as you is always here, cannot be lied to, will not believe it and does not go into agreement with limitation.

She understands. She holds you in love. She wants you happy and well and serving the highest good of all. She doesn’t want you suffering or hungry or ashamed but you don’t listen to her, you listen to the frame. “I am supposed to be who I was because my mother said, my father said, and my boss still says that this is who I am.”

He holds the frame – prison bars, if you wish, that maintain an identity of servitude to the small self. Servitude to the small self. Who do you serve? Ask yourself this today. Do you serve the small self or do you serve the Divine as you? They are aspects of you. It’s a very simple way to understand it. Who do you serve? And that is the title of this lecture. He said, “Is that the title?” We said, why not? It’s a good title.

Who do you serve – the aspect of the self that seeks to prove people right, that must have dominion of this plane through the entrapment of things, acquisitions, importance, or do you serve the Divine self who could care less but will make you happy in joy and lift you beyond the small self that you have known?

Now, he is interrupting, “Who the hell wants to be poor?” If you’re saying we’re all going to be poor, they’re all going to go home and I may well follow. Well, we will say this to each of you then – who do you serve? Because that is the only question that can be answered. Who do you serve – the small self may need this or that to feel safe but the Divine self knows who she is and is safe because she does not align to fear. Do you understand this?

What an enormous teaching this is. The Divine self as you does not align to fear. Consequently, fear does not exist at her level of agreement. Do you understand this? Fear is a low vibration. As you ascribe to fear, you go back into the small self and her little prison where she seeks control or he seeks control.

The Divine as you knows her own name, “I am. I am. I am.” And the claim, “I am here,” which we will be teaching today and we will be attuning, yes, to this new level of creation, will support you in moving into a new agreement of the true self as may be manifested by you in each aspect of your life.

He is asking questions in the background and it’s disturbing. We have teachings to give you, but we will say this for him – this does not mean you eschew the things of this world, it simply means they are what they are. They have no more merit than you have given them thus far. If you like to wear pink, go wear pink. If you want a nice house, go get a nice house. But you are not pink, you are not a nice house and the problem is, you think you are.

You think you are your service to the material realm and that’s not who you are. You are in service, yes, and you have a material experience here, which is the requirement for being in a body. So you have to care for the body, feed the body, you need shelter and clothing. What you want to put on your own backs is up to you, but when you begin to believe that that is who you are, you are in a lie. And a huge lie, because as you diminish yourselves you are required to diminish everyone you see to go into that level of agreement. Do you understand this? You cannot do one and be the other.

As you believe yourselves to be small and you devalue yourself, you agree that everybody else must be small too and have no value. “Well, I think everybody is just wonderful except me,” you may say – no you don’t. Because if this is who you are, this is how you perceive yourselves in all of your engagements. When mankind knows he is loved, he knows that is true for each man and we will say this to you now – if mankind knew he was loved, truly loved, and knew the one beside him was his brother, you would kill no more, you would war no more. It would be impossible.

How could you align to war when you know that life is sacred? You all lie to yourselves, “Oh, here we go again.” “Let’s hold the banner to war.” “We are told we are justified, so we are justified.” There is no justification for taking human life. Do you understand this now? It’s impossible to justify that.

The belief that you hold that mankind can choose this has decided for you your own lack of worth and the impermanence of existence that you all agree to is fraught with calamity that you have chosen in believing yourselves to be separate from the ones beside you. Do you understand this?

If you know who you are, you are required to know who everybody else is. You cannot be the light and hold another in darkness. You cannot do it; it cannot be done. That is pretense, that is religiosity, that is not true, that is a lie. Who do you serve – the Divine as you or the small self that builds a house with no foundation?

You’ve known the teaching of the rock and this is the rock. Who the hell do you think you are? If you think you are the small self you inherit her kingdom. The kingdom of the small self is made of things of this realm that have no truth. The enjoyment is transitional. They will not abide.

The Divine self builds a kingdom in her awareness and what is not understood by the small self is that what the Divine self brings into manifestation will be far superior to what the small self could create, because the Divine as you knows its own requirements for evolution and prosperity and the teachings she has come into a lifetime to learn. Do you understand this?

When you understand and you know that the Divine self is running the show, you don’t have to question every damn thing. It is what it is and that is the joy of being.  


* * *


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Image by Ishrona, courtesy of Creative Commons license.


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