Dialing It Down, Turning Off The Empath’s Connection

Dialing It Down, Turning Off The Empath's Connection
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Dialing It Down, Turning Off The Empath's Connection       Dialing It Down, Turning Off The Empath’s Connection

Empaths connect with the energy/emotions of others. Sometimes that is quite the challenge. Feeling the physical and emotional pain of others as if it were your own becomes a burden. It is necessary for your own health and wellbeing to dial it down as far as you can in times of overwhelm, and perhaps turn it off. Consider the following example shared by a fellow empath who worked as a paramedic.

“I feel the pain including the intensity of the pain either at the location or in close proximity to that location on and in my own body where the patient was experiencing the pain (mirror synethesia). Usually when I was working in the emergency rooms at the end of my shift, I was usually exhausted physically and mentally. I can recall one instance one morning out of the clear blue when I suggested to a co-worker that she get tested to see if she was pregnant or not, because I knew she was, she had told me she had not even had sex in over 2 months, how could she be pregnant? She, being unmarried at the time, and not even actively dating could not be pregnant. The next day she informed me she was in fact pregnant, and she was about 2 1/2 months along! In that situation, I felt a full sensation in my stomach, and a thumping sensation, like a baby that kicks inside the mother’s womb.”

Obviously this individual is extremely sensitive and a well developed empath. He is also a “clair”. Clairsentience is clear feeling, so you might understand how this may evolve from being a empath. There is another clair involved here, claircognizance or clear knowing. Energetically he connects, feels and then knows. Consider the effects of that. He suffers the symptoms as his own. Then he is able to use his clear knowing to help. Sounds like quite the gifts, but what if the afflicted is a relation?

“My very good friend has MS, I cannot be around her because I feel her pain and discomforts as well. When I speak to her on the phone, I can tell she is having a good day or a bad one, because I still get her pains and her feelings. Two of my brothers have Muscular Dystrophy, same thing there, I cannot speak for a very long time on the phone with them, because I feel their pain, and weaknesses as well, in both cases, I am physically and mentally exhausted after speaking to them in the phone. I have to stay away from shopping malls, fairs, anywhere there is going to be a large amount of people, because I get so many mixed feelings, pains, you name it!”

How do you dial it down? Can you disconnect and turn empathic ability off? The key to dialing it down is:

  • Awareness: Know it isn’t yours
  • Step back: Now that you know it isn’t you, take several deep breaths. Breath in through your nose slowly to a count of 8, hold for 8 then exhale from pursed lips to the count of 8 (ok if people are watching drop the pursed lips, lol)
  • Pull your energy back: This were daily grounding exercises and meditation is very valuable. It will enable you to recall the feeling of being grounded in your body and that is exactly what is required now. Get back into your own body fully present in the moment.
  • Cut the connection: Whether you envision a giant pair of scissors cutting the cord of connection or your hand sending the energy back you must have a visual mechanism in place to disrupt the signal. If you are able to leave the person’s space, leave.
  • Grow roots: What if you can’t leave? You do the above,and then envision roots growing from the soles of your feet giving you the ability to stay grounded. Tapping also helps, on your wrist or inconspicuously with your hands by your sides, your leg. The goal here is to stay in your own energy field. Tapping reminds you of your body. stay in your energy field.
  • Take a break: give yourself time away from the person or situation. Take a quick walk in nature if possible, spend 10 minutes with an animal, heck in a pinch alone time in the bathroom can be helpful.
  • Be a leaf in the wind: Finally you must process what you allowed to enter your field. The easiest way is to acknowledge it for what it is (someone elses) and allow it to go, release it. Sometimes though it becomes a part of you because you claimed it as yours. Usually this is because you are holding a simular emotional wounding as the person experiencing the pain. Perhaps you suffered the same hurt in another form. If this is the case you must process and heal your wound.

What about off? If the situation isn’t recalling an emotional wounding, (emotional wound that you’ve experienced which is simular to the person you are empathing) then the above steps should disconnect and effectively turn it off. It doesn’t stay off forever, when the situation is released you are flowing once more. That’s a good thing, it is how you are wired and are meant to experience life. The goal is to have actionable steps that help you dial it down in times of overwhelm. When you are faced with family members who are sick or dying, please know that situation is difficult period. The fact you’re an empath compounds it. You must limit the time spent with them, and if you use the techniques above you should be more comfortable in that situation.

Learn to accept and embrace all of who you are. The empath part is only one aspect of your whole, yet without mastery it becomes unmanageable and overshadows the rest of your beauty. It can take away from the fullness of your life experience, because you censor your actions, where you go, what you do… Take control, the world needs you fully engaged and shining your light.


Lynn Zambrano advises and trains empaths all over the world to use their gifts to change their lives and the lives of others. You CAN feel better.

Do you have a question for Lynn? Visit or email Lynn at [email protected]

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