Goddess of Chaos Weds at Discordian Festival!

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Daisy Eris Campbell, daughter of Ken Campbell, has married in an impromptu ceremony this Sunday gone. At the culmination of a spectacular weekend including the debut performance of Daisy’s Cosmic Trigger play, the couple wed in a simple, beautiful and spontaneous celebration. The play itself is Daisy’s production of the Robert Anton Wilson trilogy, Cosmic Trigger.

Late Sunday afternoon, it was announced that the planned panel discussion led by Daisy would no longer go ahead. Disappointment gave way to excitement when the message continued that following the resounding success of the play and in keeping with the pervasive spirit of magic that imbued the weekend, Daisy and her partner had decided to marry there and then.

To the sound of cheers and general merriment the wedding guests trooped downstairs to the main hall holding the stage in which the play had debuted. The joy and exuberance of the crowd was evident as they gathered around the ceremonial space designated by a large quartz rock laid on a patterned cloth accompanied by a few candles.

Aphrodite, goddess of love, addressed the guests. She led those  in attendance to take three deep breaths and on the out we sent all our love to Greg and Daisy, who stood gazing lovingly at each other. Herbal love drops were sprinkled on their tongues and speeches were made declaring the strength of the couple’s love. Aphrodite described Daisy’s love for Greg as flowing from the tips of Daisy’s toes to the farthest reaches of the universe and back again.

The ceremony officiator came forward and gave an amusing parody speech about “Wuv” and the sanctity of “Mawidge”, going on to say a few words about how love can be exhausting, terrifying and sometimes even boring, which drew a big chuckle from Daisy. He went on to say that if love can withstand these pressures and grow through them then it can be the most wonderful and enduring experience we can have as human beings.

Following the ceremony the newlyweds cavorted in a joyous and playful first dance shenanigan. Soon everyone in the room was dancing, celebrating a beautiful climax to a magical weekend. The simplicity of the event, its impromptu nature and the utter joy of everyone involved made for a natural, raucous, and happily chaotic wedding. Hooray for Daisy and her Cosmic Trigger! Hurrah for love and an impromptu wedding! Hail Eris and Aphrodite! Long live Discordia!    


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