Techgnostic Nature: Reimagining Technology with Soul

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by Mira Melaluca (Sporeganizer with Evolver Melbourne) for Wild Mind

What: This is a pixelated invitation to breathe curiosity and life into our relationship with the technological world, starting with the devices and processes which connect us all to each letter we are seeing on this virtual page, right here, right now. Technology has significantly blurred and shifted our boundaries around Self, other, time, space, limitations, knowledge, and what is ‘real’. For many of us, there is a strong love-hate relationship with our devices and virtual realms, and often a frustration around their involvement in our mental, physical and emotional experiences.

Techgnosticism is an attempt to seek soul through the complexity of technology, to look deeper into the intimate and bizarre relationships we have with and through it. It is a quest for the soul of the city to find its place in eco-psychological dialogues, and a more creative exploration of the myths we hold around ‘technology’ and ‘nature’.

This offering is a space for finding a richer sense of embodiment, environment and empowerment in a wild relationship with the digital dimensions of existence. Let’s have a practical chat about applying earth wisdom to transhumanism in the Aquarian age. If you feel, please bring your devices (aka phones/ipads/computers) to our technological medicine circle, especially if the idea of being connected to a device whilst you’re out in nature repulses you.

Who: Mira likes to dabble and dive in any creative modality or psycho-spiritual grappling that crosses her path. After years of hardcore undergraduate psychology, cross cultural studies and mind-body training, she’s coming out of the star child closet with a fierce passion for the mythic dimensions of life, astrology, and allowing art and absurdity to pervade and enhance academic notions. Mira is a sporeganizer in the Evolver Network and gets huge love hearts in her eyes at the thought of people getting together to jam on ideas, music, art and the things that really move them. She works at a large variety of festivals each summer as a body painter, sustainability cult-preacher and creative-learning-jam facilitator, and Wild Mind is one of her ultimate favourites.


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