Relationships and the Hard Heart 3.8.2015

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The Moon is in Libra this morning, opposing Venus in Aires and then on to trine
Mercury in Aquarius before going void of course later this afternoon.

Here’s a very particular story playing out in the planets right now:

What happens when a relationship has been shaped and maintained by one person’s hard work, sacrifices, or leadership? What happens when that person dies, or an unexpected shock, heart attack, injury, or accident occurs? What happens when the strategic ruthlessness of our relationships is revealed because the plan no longer works and we’re left with the deeper reality of the relationship: it’s not much to us when it’s not getting us what we want…

When relationships are strategies rather than soul bonds..

When the “provider” role or image suddenly leaves us and we have to think about who we are without it…

When the King suddenly falls ill….is his sudden cardiac arrest a reflection of the fact that he is loved for his utility, not his heart? Can his sickness awaken within us the need for a bigger heart?

Does our fear of being on our own, alone, responsible for our own survival, create relationships whose destinies involve hardened arteries and breakdowns of circulation…cash flow problems and late life ER horrors…shock paddles to an initial coldness that’s now turned to clear ice?

Don’t let Libran kindness fool you…the scales are also the instrument of death and fate in our relationships…

Over the next few months it’s very possible that we’ll see more shock and awe in our closest relationships or families…these wake ups come just as spring wakes new life from the soil and just like plates move below the earth and rumble the surface. The deeper question within each of these shocks: how have fears and selfish strategies hardened the hearts of our relationships?

Media image: millions of people watch the new season of House of Cards…fascinated by the dark face of a political marriage…a dimly lit mirror is held up to our faces.

Prayer: Help us breathe new life and truth into our relationships..may our heartless strategies crumble so that the spring fires of life might return stronger than ever.

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Image by courtesy of John, at creative commons image licensing

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