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From Evolver Bay Area!

This week I got to catch an art and science show at Babeland Gallery in Oakland, featuring Colin Bowring, a real life rainbow wizard.

He had several mirrors set up with lasers and dichroic glass, and a harmonograph which was a pen set up with large pendulums rigged in a way to make interesting geometric drawings. The raddest part was he had a contraption to blow dry ice smoke rings through the laser stream. The lasers were in geometric shapes, so as the smoke ring floated along the laser beam, you would see the light shape all along it as it traveled. Totally mind blowing. At some point he said “oh I know” and moved the mirrors around so that there were various color streams reflected across the room, and he blew smoke rings through them. I can only hope to be on acid the next time I see this stuff 😉 Just kidding.

You can catch a rad video of this wonderful wizard here:

His goal is to have his own science museum. I would go!

Babeland Gallery is an art gallery + venue with an emphasis on new media, innovation, and multidisciplinary art with a community focus.


20150314_002606 20150314_000933

1495897_10203463150799866_836720903_oPhoto and mirrors by Colin Bowring. Model, Tiare Ribeaux

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