Saturn/Algol and the Pope on Money

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The Moon is in Taurus about to oppose Saturn in Scorpio. The fixed star, Algol, is highlighted in this fast moving alignment and adds testimony to the CNN headline that today reads, ‘Dung of the Devil: Pope calls for end of unfettered pursuit of money.’

As Venus and Jupiter in Leo prepare to square Saturn in Scorpio (and will do so as Saturn stations because of Venus’ retrograde and Saturn’s slower movement), we’re looking at the theme or subjects of royal wealth and accumulation (Jupiter/Venus in Leo) and its relationship to darkness, power, corruption, control, and greed (Saturn in Scorpio). Will we accept the death, decay, or destruction of a former way of life, one that privileged excess and superficial totems of success and prestige? Will we allow for a new one to be born? Or will we persist in our madness, continue to lose our heads (Medusa’s wicked eye), and get caught in a downward spiral of our own making?

This may sound dramatic, but it’s important to amplify the dynamic, to blow it up, so that we can see these aspects at work in some area or other of our lives. Are we living within our means? Are we refusing to see reason? Are we denying the obvious signs of limitation..the obvious “no’s” or prohibitions being set up between us and our desired outcomes? Are we refusing to let go and consider that we can actually go nowhere without the guiding hand of heaven?

A sign of health is often equated with someone who doesn’t eat an entire plate of food but stops when they realize they’re full, especially if there is too much food on the plate. Are we stopping when we should?

On the other hand, to what extent are fears and expectations of failure and demise clouding our judgment about the future right now? To what extent is fear dictating our choices and perceptions, and why can’t we simply let go and trust that “what will be will be?” The ability to recognize that something is out of our hands is not just a surrender of our control, either…it’s also about the miracle of what we can see when we revision events in terms of something other than personal control entirely. The gift of letting go isn’t just about the ego’s death in other words…it’s also about the birth or recognition, the glorious visibility, of the divine itself. Letting go is thus not something to give ourselves a merit badge about…at least not always. Just as much it’s about giving ourselves the gift of what we see in place of personal control…in place of the entire paradigm of control OR its relinquishment.

So how do we gift ourselves right now with this kind of vision? How can this moment of restriction not be turned into the ego and its spiritual development quest…like “we must get through this challenge so we can pass spiritual level 9.” Instead, how can it be about dropping the scales from our eyes so that we might simply see from a different center of reference, reaching out to an entirely different circumference?

Prayer: In my dreams I see an army of shields reflecting the sunlight into the singled eyes of you and of me. Light upon light and an understanding that clears the conflagration of faces in the clouds…until blue rivers open up one after another, and we stand in the vision of all that we are, all that we’ve been, and all we might yet become. By the hands of such creation, let it be. Amen.

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