A Momentum Shift Coming 7.27.2015

Singh, 116:A mosaic after Achilli, showing Irish monks raising hands in the ancient Egyptian manner of paying homage to the sun. Cave-chapel of St. Columbanus, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City.
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The Moon is in Sagittarius today, applying to Uranus in Aries.
Let’s look at the transition that’s about to take place for the remainder of our current moon cycle.

Within the next few weeks, Jupiter and Venus will both square Saturn from late Leo, while Mars simultaneously trines Saturn from Cancer. While Saturn is currently governed by Mars in Cancer, Jupiter and Venus will be governed by the Sun in Leo. Leo is the sign of Saturn’s detriment, and so is Cancer. Meanwhile the Sun is in his rulership, hosting Jupiter and Venus. Saturn will also be turning direct just after the full Moon. So what does all of this signify?

A few possibilities to watch for:

* Something old, resistant, dying, stubborn, dark, or heavy finally having to yield

* The tide finally turning

* The hero is victorious over a creature from the underworld

* A last resistance is thrown up, a last block, a last stubborn or willful defiance, in a long series…but it’s momentum is not enough, not for long, withers quickly, doesn’t have a leg to stand on, etc

* Interference, contests of pride or battles of ego, leading to a change of heart or mind

* Temperamental or moody attitudes or standoffs

* Generational debates, dramas, contests, or exchanges

* The pageantry of the old, outworn, or dead

* The honoring of what’s in the past, or what’s come before us..

* Expiration dates, powers of attorney, wills, legacies, inheritance

* The obsession with self versus the obsession with time and tradition

* Insult added to injury

* Hidden intentions revealed, plots unraveled, intrigues and mysteries played up

* Someone who won’t leave, hunkering down, hoarding or hiding or refusing to give in

With Saturn and Mars both in challenging spots right now, and moving into a tighter trine as the full moon approaches, we’re likely going to be dealing with some difficult themes around the full moon. However, Saturn’s turn direct is rapidly approaching, and Jupiter and Venus will also be getting into the mix. Since the Sun is in his rulership right now it looks as though whatever difficulty may arise through the next week or two, the darkness will be overcome in a very classic “light overcomes darkness” kind of situation. Blocks or restrictions are about to be lifted, but it will likely occur as the Moon starts waning and we head toward the new moon again.

In the meantime, we should all be feeling the confidence of the Sun in Leo right now, and hopefully starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This has been a challenging summer, and though we still have a bit to go before smoother waters emerge again planet wise, there is a lot to feel confident about and we can bring this courage with us through the upcoming full moon period.

Prayer: The next heaven, waiting just outside the door, but here now I see the gathering of so many faces in the clouds. Some I’ve known, and some who’ve grown old, and still others to me are new. Please give us the lanterns of guidance and truth.

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